Core concepts


Ancient guardian

"The ancient guardian withstands magical damage like no other. Using powers found in long lost ruins, the ancient guardian is both a protector of the group as a disciple of the earth divine." Tags: Magic defense, Magical block, Control Elements: Earth

Beast shaper

"The beast shaper has strong physical defense combined with critical and dodge chance. Inhereting the spirits of long lost animals. By harnessing their power, the beast shaper is a vessel of many talents and an extremely competent ally." Tags: Critical chance, Dodge chance, Physical armor Elements: Earth


"The clairvoyant has a wide assortment of spells to aid the unprepared in battle. As the enlightened soul, the clairvoyant has their eyes set on the future. They are not focused on an element, but their presence always leaves some divine vibe to those lucky enough to witness it." Tags: Reaction, Buffer Elements: None


"The conjurer is a dark mage with great control and a wide reach of spells. Dedicated to power at any cost, the conjurer often disregards their well-being while channeling the forbidden magic of the dark divine." Tags: Power, Control Elements: Dark

Crimson monk

"The crimson monk excels in fire melee damage and sticking to a target. After finding inner peace, the crimson monk can channel a passionate fire within itself. With immense strength and speed, the crimson monk is a slippery warrior that just keeps on fighting." Tags: Melee, Control Elements: Fire


"The crusader brings strong defense and protection for an ally nearby. With a strong devotion to the light divine, the crusader strives to protect those in need. With an unfaltering will, the crusader is a solid addition to any group." Tags: Physical block, Magical block Elements: Light


"The dragoon is a heavenly knight that blends light and dark in swirling melee offense. Crashing down with the high flying moves, the dragoon is a true force to be reckoned with." Tags: Melee, Mobility Elements: Light, Dark

Ether mechanic

"The ether mechanic specializes in the safety of their allies and magical defense. As a scientist, their approach has little to do with the air divine, but the ether mechanic found a way to combine their love for creation with the ether energy in the air. An expert of the alternative and a pleasant ally." Tags: Shield, Magical block, Buffer Elements: Air

Gaia monk

"The gaia monk combines swift air attacks with strong earth attacks. As selfless as possible, the gaia monk was granted powers of the earth and air divine to bring life. With a strong sense of justice and an unbreakable will, it is best to align your goals with the gaia monk." Tags: Physical armor, Melee, Mobility Elements: Earth, Air

Glaze adept

"The glace adept focuses on water attacks and impairing the enemy's movement options. As a true water magician, the glace adept embraces the power of the water divine. Understanding that life has strong ties with water, their mastery of the element is unmatched." Tags: Control, Slow Elements: Water

Green fire cultist

"The green fire cultist uses fire and dark spells to break or bypass their enemy's magical defense. As a wizard of the fire and dark divine, the green fire cultist is one of the few lucky enough to control the demonic arts. While this cursed magic is harming their enemies the most, they seem to worsen the cultist's sanity as well." Tags: Debuffer, Power Elements: Fire, Dark

Ice flame magus

"The ice flame magus combines a deadly combo of fire and water spells. Blessed by both the water and the fire divine, the ice flame magus strives for perfect harmony. This mage will bend these two elements as much as needed to achieve the perfect balance." Tags: Debuffer, Power Elements: Fire, Water

Light runner

"The light runner has high mobility and short-ranged light attacks and buffs. As a free spirit with vague bonds to the light divine, the light runner believes in motion above all. With a speed that is unmatched, the light runner joyous sprints prove to be quite useful." Tags: Buffer, Mobility Elements: Light

Lucid scout

"The lucid scout combines defensive light attacks with water true damage. As adventurous as ever, the lucid scout, moves with the tides and strikes with the blinding lights. With freedom above all, the lucid scout longs for those carefree days." Tags: Shield, Bonus true damage Elements: Light, Water

Master of arms

"The master of arms is a physical adept that combines fire melee with air ranged attacks. Inspired by the air divine truthness and the fire divine's strength, the master of arms became one with their weapons. After intense training, the master of arms has a move for almost every situation." Tags: Physical, Ranged, Melee Elements: Air, Fire


"The necromancer has a terrifying summons and lots of control. With twisted magic that brings back the dead, the necromancer knows like no other that some were just not meant for a peaceful death." Tags: Summons, Shield Elements: None

Puppet master

"The puppet master controls magical look-alikes and conjures magical tricks. As a enthusiast of drama and theatre, the puppet master just loves pulling the strings. With clever tricks and grand reveals, the puppet master is the schemer of the battlefield." Tags: Summons, Control, Debuff Elements: None


"The pyromancer is skilled in rapid-fire damage. With a burning desire aligned with the fire divine, the pyromancer is almost like a dragon's breath on the battlefield. With enough practice, the pyromancer can control these disastrous powers." Tags: AOE, Control Elements: Fire


"The revenant combines dark and water attacks with hexing abilities to dictate their enemy's actions. As a forsaken cultist, the revenant practices bending blood with dark and water divinity. Most of these feats should be impossible for the living, which raises the question if the revenant is a living being at all." Tags: Melee, Debuffer, Magical armor Elements: Dark, Water

Shadow ninja

"The shadow ninja is a swift deliverer of tons of dark damage. As an agent of the dark divine, the shadow ninja strives to take down their target without being spotted at all. But even when they are seen, the shadow ninja is capable of inflicting terrible curses to weaken their foes and get away safely." Tags: Mobility, Debuffer, True damage Elements: Dark


"The shaman is a wicked doctor of nature with high control summons and earth spells. Closely connected to nature, the shaman brings old tribal traditions back from the past. The shaman learns their magic from the Earthmother, their name for the earth divine. A shaman delivers the Earthmother's warmth and wrath, as both a life bringer as a life taker during these hexing rituals." Tags: Summons, Shield, Physical armor Elements: Earth


"The slayer mixes high mobility with a wide array of melee debuffs and damage. Effortlessly wielding massive weapons and fearlessly rushing to the front of the battle. A slayer is like a whirlwind, swinging large weapons in deadly arcs, and evading foes in a graceful dance." Tags: Melee, Mobility, Debuffer, Critical Elements: None

Spirit tamer

"The spirit tamer combines supportive summons and magical archery. Being the listening ear of lost spirits, the spirit tamer aims to befriend and guide the fallen animals to wherever they need to go. Working together with the summons, the spirit tamer feels more like a small army." Tags: Summons, Control, Buffer, Magical armor Elements: None

Storm caster

"The storm caster has a variety of air attacks and control spells. Blessed by the air divine, this strongminded magician bends the mightiest of storms to their own will. With their eyes fixated on the sky, the storm caster understands the forces of nature on a deeper level." Tags: Control, Critical, Debuffer Elements: Air

Storm paladin

"The storm paladin has great physical defense and restricts the enemy's ability to deal damage. Dedicated to protect the weak and punish evildoers, the storm paladin sees it as their job to carry out the righteous fury of the air divine." Tags: Physical Block, Control, Critical Elements: Air

Sun cleric

"The sun cleric brings a plethora of protection and supportive light magic. With blind faith in the light divine, the sun cleric easily casts the purest light magic. A true team player, keen on forgiveness over hatred." Tags: Shield, Control, Buffer Elements: Light

Time winder

"The time winder brings great benefits and can avoid the strongest of attacks by using smart tricks and high dodge chance. Though not specialized in a specific element, the time winder focuses their efforts on time itself. As it turns out, this unlocks a wide range of abilities that no one thought possible." Tags: Melee, Buffer, Reaction, Dodge Elements: None


"The troubadour has high mobility and supports all their allies close to them. With endless motivation, this adventurous spirit joyously travels through their life. Picking up myths and heroic stories along the way, this traveling bard should be one of the best companions to any group." Tags: Shield, Buffer, Control Elements: None

Tundra berserker

"The tundra berserker demands attention with high control and strong physical defense. Trained in the most unforgiving environments, the tundra berserker can stand proud in any battle, no matter the odds. With strong ties to the water divine, the tundra berserker is like an unkillable monster." Tags: Control, Debuffer, Physical armor Elements: Water


"The viking is a paragon in displacing the enemy. As a strong believer of tradition, the viking follows the teachings of its ancestors. With each viking lord represented in signature techniques, the viking brings forth the might of a lineage with the strongest of combat experience." Tags: Control, Melee Elements: Earth, Water

War sage

"The war sage is a magical adept that combines air ranged with water melee attacks. Inspired by the air divine's truethness and the water divine's might, the war sage weapon's are an extention of the self. With mindful training and a strong dedication, the war sage is a well-versed battle mage." Tags: Magical, Ranged, Melee Elements: Air, Water