Core concepts


As an extension of core stats, abilities are used for more specific expertise. Abilities are mainly used to see if an action is successful or not (for example: finding a specific person in a crowded tavern). Each core stat helps the legend improve in one of three abilities.

Strength abilities

Intelligence abilities

Endurance abilities

Agility abilities

Sensory abilities

Luck abilities

Ability scores

All abilities start on 0 and can be increased by using:

Using an ability

A player can act on his/her own. To do something, the narrator might ask an ability to roll from the player. This can come up in any situation, like in battle (possibly at the cost of actions) or in a busy tavern. Depending on the specific action that the player wants to do, the narrator will decide the appropriate ability. An ability roll consists of rolling a d20 and adding that to the ability score of the specific ability to get a result.

Determining success

Ability rolls can be used in two ways: either the narrator decides a fixed difficulty for the roll or there will be another ability roll involved, highest wins. Fixed difficulty This list is a general way to handle ability difficulties. On difficulty 6, the result of the ability roll has to be 6 or higher.

Ability roll vs. ability roll

Competition ability rolls are not using the fixed difficulties, instead, you will compete against another ability roll. The highest total (using ability score + d20 roll) wins. On ties, the highest ability score wins. If those are also tied, the narrator can pick based on the situation.

Abilities in battle

Between all the chaos in battle, Legends also have to option to use an ability roll. Abilities can help to tackle an issue in a creative, more role-play fashion. A successful ability roll can give any benefit, this chapter will go over examples where abilities can be used and how players can deal with them. Remember, all of this is free format, meaning it is up to the narrator to actually allow the use of ability rules in this way. But we think a good narrator should encourage these actions in combination with conventional actions to keep the battles clear yet interesting.