Core concepts

Level and core stats

The representation of a legends overall power starts with level. A level is used to gain power in core stats, battle stats, abilities and adds skills to a chosen class.

Level up table



Core stat points


Ability points


Skill points


Core stats

Core stats are six different stats, called: strength, intelligence, endurance, agility, sensory and luck. The core stats start on 0 and are increased by spending core stat points and directly influence battle stats, abilities and specifics in skills.

Strength (STR) Determines the strength of a legend. This is mostly used on overpowering targets, moving targets and just looking insanely strong. Strength is also associated with physical prowess.

Intelligence (INT) Determines the power of the legend’s mind. This includes problem-solving, learning and memory. Intelligence is also associated with magical prowess.

Endurance (END) Determines the survivability of the legend. This includes the legend’s immune system, enduring long days of work and overall Health.

Agility (AGI) Determines how fast the legend is. This includes moving swiftly and quietly, pickpocketing and other agile movements. Agility will be used to determine who will act first when two or more characters want to do something at the same time.

Sensory (SEN) Determines the legend’s expertise of using their senses. This includes everything that has to do with seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling, even sensing divine.

Luck (LUC) Determines how lucky the legend is. This is included specifically for random effects. Luck is also used when it makes no sense to use any other core stat.

Note: 0 strength does not mean a legend has no physical strength at all, it just means that no bonuses apply when a core stat roll for strength is performed.

Spending core stat points

Keep the following rules in mind when spending core stat points points.

Spending ability points

Keep the following rules in mind when spending ability points.

Spending skill points

Keep the following rules in mind when spending skill points.