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Artifact list

Artifacts are unique items focussed on battles. A legend can equip up to three artifacts. While artifacts have limited uses (see stacks), can be a perfect move when class skills are on cooldown. Want more unique role-play items? See the Trinket list.

* artifacts

Air pendant - (Special, 2 Stacks)

Gain either Air Affinity or Air Resistane.

Cape of casting - (Special, 2 Stacks)

Gain +5 to save height.

Dark pendant - (Special, 2 Stacks)

Gain either Dark Affinity or Dark Resistane.

Earth pendant - (Special, 2 Stacks)

Gain either Earth Affinity or Earth Resistane.

Fire pendant - (Special, 2 Stacks)

Gain either Fire Affinity or Fire Resistane.

Light pendant - (Special, 2 Stacks)

Gain either Light Affinity or Light Resistane.

Orb of disturbance - (Special, 2 Stacks)

Attempt (SEN) to inflict Save Height - 5 on enemies within 2m and gain Save Height + 5.

Pendant of the hero - (Reaction, 1 Stack)

Attempt to Block without using a Reaction for an ally within 1m range.

Water pendant - (Special, 2 Stacks)

Gain either Water Affinity or Water Resistane.

** artifacts

Amplifier helmet - (Special, 1 Stack)

Next skill with radius has +1m radius.

Arcane funnel - (Special, 1 Stack)

Allies within 1m gain Critical Bonus + 4 and Range + 4 for their next Magical attack.

Bracelet of blessings - (Special, 1 Stack)

Gain Advantage.

Bracelet of hatred - (Special, 1 Stack)

Attempt to inflict Power -5 (INT) on a target within 4m.

Bracers of repulsion - (Special, 1 Stack)

Attempt (STR) to inflict 1m knockback on all in 1m radius

Elastic sling - (Special, 1 Stack)

Allies within 1m gain Power + 2 and Range + 4 for their next Physical attack.

Elemental hardening - (Special, 1 Stack)

Until the start of your next turn all your elemental resistances become immunities.

Emblem of the summoner - (Special, 1 Stack)

Your next summon(s) has +1 stack.

Enchanted cord - (1 Action, 1 Stack)

Target up to 3 targets within 3m of you, and move them 1m straight towards you.

Explosive powder dust - (1 Action, 1 Stack)

Target up to 3 targets within 2m of you, and move them 1m straight away from you.

Giant growth - (Special, 1 Stack)

Until the start of your next turn become 3 tiles large.

Glitterdust - (1 Action, 1 Stack)

Attempt (AGI) to swap positions with a target within 4m. On save, land on an adjacent tile of the target.

Goggles of precision - (Special, 1 Stack)

Inflict Disadvantage on a target within 4m.

Horn of the bull - (1 Action, 1 Stack)

Freely move, when entering a tile with an enemy inflict Knockbacked 1m.

Magic boulder - (1 Action, 1 Stack)

Select a tile within 4m, summon up to three Boulders (2 stacks) on the free tiles around it.
~ Boulder (Summon): This tile is impassable.

Magnet of the occult - (1 Action, 1 Stack)

Move two targets within 4m towards eachother.

Mask of the sky - (Special, 1 Stack)

Remove any negative Movement effecting you.

Protective bracers - (Reaction, 1 Stack)

Redirect final damage that would be dealt to an adjacent ally to you.

Rocket boots - (Special, 1 Stack)


Root of the eldertree - (Special, 1 Stack)

Allies within 3m gain Elderroots (2 stacks). When taking damage, use a stack for all that have Elder roots.
~ Elder roots: Physical Armor + 5 and Magical Armor + 5.

Special belts - (Reaction, 1 Stack)

Reduce incoming damage by 10.

Spring contraption - (Special, 1 Stack)

Allies within 1m may move 3m.

Tiny form - (Special, 1 Stack)

Become Tiny until the end of your next turn.
~ Tiny: You can freely move and end on the same tile as allies and enemies.

Vines of the elder tree - (1 Action, 1 Stack)

Place a Vine on a free tile within 1m (6 stacks).
~ Vine (Summon): At the start of caster turn(s), may spend 1 stack to extend the Vine with 1 tile adjacent to the Vine.

Wings of reach - (Special, 1 Stack)

Double your range.

*** artifacts

Boostpad - (1 Action, 1 Stack)

Allies within 6m may move 2m.

Counterspelling - (Reaction, 1 Stack)

Attempt (INT) to negate a magical attack that targets you.

Cupido's keepsake - (Special, 1 Stack)

Grant a Shield (10) to two random targets within 6m.

Cursed claw - (1 Action, 1 Stack)

Inflict an enemy within 2m with Poison.
~ Poison: At the start of your turn take True Damage (6) and inflict other targets within 1m with Poison.

Explosive miss - (Reaction, 1 Stack)

Whenever your attack is dodged, deal your Critical Bonus as true damage to enemies within 1m of the original position of the target.

Floating shield - (1 Action, 1 Stack)

Summon Magic Shield (3 stacks) within 2m.
~ Magic Shield (Summon): The caster may use a stack to attempt to block for free an attack that targets an ally within 1m of Magic Shield.

Lifelink - (Special, 1 Stack)

You and an ally within 2m gain Lifelink (2 stacks).
~ Lifelink: When you are damaged and there is another target with Lifelink within 4m, split all final damage equally between Lifelink targets.

Magic mirror - (1 Action, 1 Stack)

Summon a Magic Mirror (2 stacks) on a free tile within 2m.
~ Magic Mirror (Summon): Skills and Attacks are reflected back at the caster / attacker.

Passage of the void - (Special, 2 Stacks)

Place a Portal (2 stacks) on a free tile within 2m.
~ Portal (1m Zone): Allies of the caster may use an action to land on an adjacent tile of the other Portal.

Rage of the titans - (1 Action, 1 Stack)

Attack three different targets within 3m, chosen at random (include yourself as a possible target). Treat the critical roll for all three attacks as one.

Sack of boomerang gust - (1 Action, 1 Stack)

Set your range to 10m and Attack a target.

Sigil of the party - (Reaction, 1 Stack)

Declare the turn order of allies within 10m. When executed as declared, grant allies Power + 5 and a Shield (5).

Supernatural coin - (Special, 2 Stacks)

Attempt (END) to swap the armor and block chance on a target within 1m for 1 round (Physical <> Magical).

Toolbelt of the alchemist - (Special, 1 Stack)

Conjure and consume a potion, grants a random battlestat for this battle (power & movement = +1, armors, bonuses & Save height = +2, any chance is +5).

**** artifacts

Locket of split second revolution - (Special, 1 Stack)

Next round, allies take 1 action after another instead of full turns.

Thunderstruck jaws - (Special, 1 Stack)

Place this trap on a three-tile triangle with one space within 3m (1 stack per tile). If a target steps on it attempt to inflict it with Thunderstruck.
~ Thunderstruck: Take Air true damage (10).