How to play


Skills and artifacts can also add an element to an attack. Late Legends has 6 elements in total: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light and Dark. Elements are applicable on the offensive side but also on the defensive side.

Elements for the attacker

A legend can gain an affinity for elements, this will add the elements to any type of attack the legend performs. If a legend with a big battleaxe has Fire affinity, it will deal physical Fire damage on its attacks. It is possible to gain an affinity for more elements at the same time, so a rainbow swing like physical Fire Water Air Earth Light Dark damage is theoretically possible.

Elements for the defender

On the defensive side there are five different statuses for each element:

Defensive statuses of elements are never stacked for the same element, instead, the latest status is the only one active. If a defender has Fire absorption and it is inflicted with Fire weakness, it loses Fire absorption.

Passive defensive statuses of elements (e.g. Fire elementals that have Fire absorption) can also be temporarily removed. If it is inflicted with Fire weakness it will lose Fire absorption, and it will revert back once Fire weakness has worn out.