Narrating a story

Add music to the story

Music can be a powerful thing, it can pump you up for a big battle, or really make an emotional part heartfelt. Music can also have a place in Late Legends, these sections will go over how you can use music in your stories.

1. Set a goal for the music

The first thing you need to realize is the goal you would like to set with the music. Do you want to envoke a sense of peace and quiet for a small town, then you can use something peaceful as background noise. If you want to build up hype for a meeting with a big general in the capital, you can go for something epic with majestic cords.

2. Pick a song

With the goal in mind, it is time to start picking a song. In our experience, video game original soundtrack can be very effective. They usually lack vocals, are easily loopable and invoke a certain feeling.

For the peaceful town example you could go for songs like:

3. Bring it to the table

Now it is time to think about how you bring the music to the table. Are you going to use a Bluetooth speaker and push it using your phone, or are you going to bring you whole surround system to do the job? This is really up to you. Narration is a lot of work, so it might be a good idea to appoint one player to the music so all you have to do is press play/pause whenever you want to.

Legend boost

As an option to emphasize legend moments, you could use a Legend Boost. You basically give all the players one token to use as a Legend boost whenever they feel like it. Once they use this token, they can do something extraordinary. This can be a role-playing moment or in the middle of a heated battle. This would probably be the time where you as a narrator ditch some of the rules and let the Legend go nuts. Maybe the player wants to throw weapons across the battlefield to break the enemies spirit or start riding the big scary dragon instead of fighting it. This will be the moment for the legend, so it would be cool if you accompanied this with a special song (chosen by the players themselves). It is up to you as the narrator how many tokens you allow and what you expect the players to do with a boost. If done correctly, it can be lots of fun.