Narrating a story

Legend rewards

As a narrator, you are in control of the rewards the legends get, when they gain a level and what kind of artifacts/trinkets they can get. We got some tips on how to manage this to (hopefully) make it satisfying for your legends.

Rewarding using Levels

Every player wants to see their legend get stronger. A big part of this is leveling up: A Legend will get core stats (which gives ability points and battle stats) and a new class skill. it is important that you find a good timing for this. Late Legends does not include an experience system, and this is for a reason: the narrator should be in control of when the group of legends gains a level. This will remove all the meta-gaming aspects of grinding for experience and will let you be the judge of when they’ve earned it.

Here are some tips on how to handle the level gains:

Rewarding using Artifacts / Trinkets

In a story, the Legends may have found something in a dungeon by solving a hard riddle or won a prize in a singing contest. No matter the reason, you can reward them with trinkets and artifacts. Trinkets give the legends something fun for role-playing (non-battle) and artifacts are purely for battle (either battle stats or a skill).

Here are some tips on rewarding trinkets and artifacts:

Be sure to check the Artifact list and the Trinket list for inspiration.

A quest for the class Ultimate

A legend gains their class ultimate on level 6 by default. You can change this and instead keep it for a special dungeon or quest (this means it can be gained whenever it is appropriate in the story). This can be a dungeon that is themed after the Legend or some kind of nightmare realm where they truly face their fears. A dungeon like this could really drive home a legend’s motivations in the story, giving more perspective on their backstory that might have been overlooked up until that moment. Maybe you could even let the player storytell the dungeon, allowing them to add all neat details while you play a side character for the time being. It can be really fun and add to the specialty. Of course, by the end of the dungeon, the legend would learn their class ultimate!