Late Legends is a tabletop roleplaying game. It contains rules and references to create and play your own stories (may it be a fairy tale or an epic chronicle). To play you’ll need a hexagonal battle map, sheets of paper, a d20 and d100, and some tokens. Stories are feature Legends, the characters of players, and are lead by a Storyteller. Late Legends is easy to learn and suitable for both one-shot and long-lasting stories.

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Become a storyteller

Latest Update

0.15 Giant multiclass update (16-07-2020)

  • Redone around half of the classes for a new multiclassing system.
  • Tweaked core stat calculations (removed flat 10% of chances) to go along with the class changes.
  • Tweaked equipment (removed unused items and removed primary critical bonus and block bonus items) to go along with the class changes.
  • Redone leveling system, legends do not get 4 freeby skills on level 1, instead they get 6 class points (and 3 for each level after level 1). See Level for specifics.

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Development Articles

Abandoning the one-man show

23-11-2017 by Coen (Qumatah)

While working on Late Legends, I realized that a system ready for role-playing has to include a lot of things. If I want to ever develop a cohesive system with all these features, it would be a lot of work. Moreover, I have the never-ending desire to keep things easy to play, customizable and “balanced”. Read More…

Creating by playing

04-10-2017 by Coen (Qumatah)

As a longtime Nintendo fanatic I adore a wide range of games. I could spend hours and hours in those digital worlds, but I always wonder what it was I liked so much about these games. Part of me liked the mechanics. Read More…

How I started Late Legends

14-09-2017 by Coen (Qumatah)

Hello and welcome to the Late Legends! This website is the source to get into Late Legends, an system for tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Read More…

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