A melodic adventurer with the blessing of song.

Role: Supporter

Uses Ranged Weapons.

Uses Sensory for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 Sensory.

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Check Ranged Equipment for Troubadour

Skill Tree: Songs of Adventure

Might of theAdventurer (Common)

1 Action, Deal True Damage (Level + 8) on a target within 2m and grant Power + 2 to two other allies within 3m of your target.

Faith of the Brave (Rare)

1 Action, Deal True Damage (Level + 10) to enemies within 3m. After, attempt to inflict a Random Element Weakness (2 stacks) on enemies within 3m. On save, inflict Random Weakness.
~ Random Element: Roll a D6 for an element: 1: Fire, 2: Ice, 3: Lightning, 4: Light, 5: Dark and 6: caster's choice.

Journey of the Magical Potion (Epic)

Special, Gain Traveling Potion (5 stacks) and grant Movement + 2 to allies that are more than 2m away from you.
~ Traveling Potion: If an ally that is further than 2m from you uses a move to get within 2m of you, you may use a Reaction and a stack and Shield (Level + 8) that ally.

Skill Tree: Songs of War

Support the Trainee (Common)

1 Action, Shield (Level + 6) allies within 2m, move (2m) and Shield (Level + 6) allies within 2m that were not targeted by the first Shield.

Withstand the Battle (Rare)

Reaction, Grant Advantage and Saving Roll + 5 to allies within 4m.

Knight's Virtue (Epic)

1 Action, Grant Armor + 5 (2 stacks) to other allies within 3m. After, Shield (Level + 8) allies within 3m.

Skill Tree: Songs of Nature

Song of the highlands (Common)

1 Action, Grant Movement + 3 and Dodge Chance + 15 to other allies within 2m.

Song of the seas (Rare)

1 Action, Grant Block Chance + 20 (2 stacks) and Critical Chance + 20 (2 stacks) to other allies within 3m.

Song of theStars (Epic)

1 Action, Grant Critical Bonus + 10 (2 stacks) and Block Bonus + 10 (2 stacks) to other allies within 3m.


Lullaby Intermezzo

1 Action, Move (2m) and attempt to inflict Sleep on enemies within 3m. On save, inflict Action - 1 instead.
~ Sleep: Inflicted with Action - 2 if you did not take damage since you got this effect.


Motivational Melody

Passive, Grant Critical Bonus + 2 to other allies within 1m when you start your turn.