An endurant viking with the blessing of the blue dragon.

Skills of Tundra berserker may be saved using Endurance saves.

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Freezing touch

Passive, Whenever you take damage, you may inflict Critical Chance - 5 on the attacker (Stacks up to - 10 Critical Chance).

Skill Tree: Way of endurance

Frozen strike (Common)

1 Action, Water Attack a target then grant Physical Armor + 2 to allies within 1m.

Ice howl (Rare)

Special, Grant allies within 3m Physical Block Chance + 10 (2 stacks) and attempt to inflict Ice goad (2 stacks) on enemies within 3m.
~ Ice goad: You have disadvantage unless you target the caster.

Frost sanctuary (Epic)

1 Action, Move (3m) and inflict all tiles within 1m with Frost sanctuary (3 Stacks).
~ Frost sanctuary (Zone): Allies within the zone may use a Reaction and a stack to redirect half damage taken to the caster.

Skill Tree: Reign of ice

Cold zone (Common)

Special, Gain Cold zone (2 stacks) and gain Physical Armor + 2.
~ Cold zone (2m, aura): If an enemy within this aura attacks an ally, you may attempt to inflict Critical Chance - 15.

Winds of frost (Rare)

1 Action, Move enemies within 3m towards you on free tiles and attempt to inflict Movement - 2 on enemies within 1m. Then grant Physical Armor + 2 to allies within 3m.

Charge of avalanche (Epic)

1 Action, Move while selecting up tot three tiles you moved over to inflict with Barricade of Ice (3 stacks). After, Water Attack (Power + 8) a target within 1m.
~ Barricade of ice (Impassable): Remove one stack each time this takes damage.


Glacial kingdom

Special, Gain a Shield (Level + 10) and Ice Kingdom (4 stacks).
~ Ice Kingdom (3m, Aura): Whenever an ally within the zone takes damage you may move the attacker to a tile adjacent to you and inflict Movement - 3.