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Role-playing tips

In role-playing games, there are a lot of ways to role-play. For the sake of simplicity, we will split all the different forms into two groups: Active and Passive role-playing.

Active role-playing

Active role-playing is when the story is carried by the Legends, meaning they will drive the story forward on their own. The narrator’s role here is to react to the actions of the Legends, rather than create encounters or opportunities for them.

Passive role-playing

Passive role-playing is when the Legends can follow the story along and get encounters or opportunities handed to them. There is still freedom on how to handle each specific situation but it is a bit more linear. In this case, the world is already built around the Legends and is alive and dynamically ran by the narrator. This kind of role-playing is heavily depended on the narrator’s ability to create and run the worlds.

In practice, it is best to blend both Passive and Active together. The story can start off with passive role-playing and will gradually become more active along the way.

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