Narrating a story

Create a story

Before you start

Starting off

At this point, you got a basic understanding of what the story is going to be. It is important to stay flexible at this point to create the story that not only you like, but also the group likes. With the blanks filled in, make sure you have a chat with the group. In this chat, you should try to get to know what the other players have in mind, so you can tweak your ground rules accordingly.

At this point, you should be helping the players create their legend and backstory. Help them find a place and motive in the world. This will usually force you to add more to the world, and it is important to do so. Make sure the group of players fits together. Even if the legends don’t know each other yet, they will be traveling together, give them a reason to.

Be sure to be ready for questions of the group, the more they get invested, the more they want to visualize the world. Use this as an opportunity to refine the world. It is your job to glue the ground rules of the world together with the individual ideas of the players.

Keep in mind, an inexperienced group of players might find it hard these decisions beforehand. Maybe they want to ‘just play’. If so, you could make some choices for them, fill in some more of the world. Most of these steps can be done on your own discretion. Keep in mind that it is more fun if all participants are involved in the creation process since they are more likely to be invested in the playing process.

Be sure to save all the notes, maps and drawings that you made for the world and focus on prepping the first session.

Prep the first session

When it is time to start playing, prepping the first session is very important. You’ve got a couple of challenges ahead of you: