How to play


All the items a legend uses in battle can be seen as equipment. Late Legends features a rich equipment system to let you bring your legend to life, including their fighting style. All equipment can be grouped into one of five categories:

A full set of effective equipment consists of:

Choosing weapons and offhand items

From the start, each legend can select their set of effective equipment using all equipment, but there is one restriction: class skills will have a required weapon type. So you can choose to wear a big physical battleaxe while playing a class that requires magical weapons (e.g. Conjurer and Pyromancer), but you would not be able to use class skills. Keep this in mind when choosing your equipment.

Mixing two small items

A legend can choose any set of two small items to use at a time, this allows for lots of combinations! Mixing different types and ranges has some drawbacks though, so choose wisely:

A perfect match

If you choose two weapons with the same type (physical or magical) and the same range (melee or ranged), you’ll have a perfect fit, and will not have any drawbacks. Offhand items work with any type or range weapon. So a legend using an Axe and Cane gains all their benefits:

A legend using a Morning Star with a Lion Shield gains all their benefits:

Choice of range

A legend can choose a ranged item together with a melee item, but this comes with a choice, either gain the highest range of both weapons, without gaining the power of the other item or gain all benefits using the lowest range of the two items. So a legend using an Axe with a Javelin can choose:

The choice of type

It is recommended to choose items of the same type (or together with an offhand item) to fully benefit of the items. If you really want to use a magical item together with a physical weapon, you can, but you may only use the power and type of one weapon at a time while gaining all the other battle stats as normal. So a legend using Dagger and a Magic Dagger will have to choose:

Two offhand items

A legend may use two offhand items, while it lacks the power compared to other combinations, double offhand can be great when you want to focus other stats. Offhand items do not have a type, meaning you may choose to either attack Physical or Magical before each attack. A legend using two armguards gains:


A legend is able to wear any piece of armor (one at a time), gaining all bonuses it provides. So a legend with a Thief’s Robe gains all its benefits: Thief’s Robe (5 physical armor, 7 magical armor, 12 dodge chance)


Artifacts are pieces of equipment that can provide unique benefits. Artifacts are a bit different than other equipment, because they come in a variaty of ways. Some artifacts will increase the legends battle stats, other unlock a unique skill that is bound to the artifact. Artifacts allows for very creative combinations and is the best place if a legends wants to go nuts with wacky battle customization. Artifacts are meant for Battles, want more role-play items? See Trinkets.

Rules for Artifacts

Changing the Flavor

All of the current Equipment are just handles for stats. Would you like a Sniper gun instead of a bow? Go For it! Ask your narrator if you may use the stats of a Greatbow for a Sniper Gun!

Quality bonuses and Drawbacks

There is a small power curve to be used on the basic set. This can be used to incorporate quality differences and durability drawbacks. You could use the following Guidelines:

The “Other Battle Stat Bonuses” should be left as is. To further increase those, check Artifacts and Core Stats.