How to play

Health management

Health is managed by each player for their legend using current health and shield. Max health serves as the maximum health a legend can have. Current health starts on max health and cannot exceed max health. Current health is decreased by damage and increases by healing.


The legend with max health 100 at full health can receive one healing skill of 15, which will grant it a shield of 15 in battle. This means the legend has current health of 100 and shield of 15. The first incoming damage is reduced by the shield. 7 damage will only decrease the shield by 7, but 20 damage will remove the shield and deal 5 damage to the health of the legend. After a battle, the legend has around 45 current health, performing the same healing of 15 with some rest will heal the legend for 15, its current health will be 60 after the rest. Resting more will allow the legend to heal back up to 100.

When a Legend takes damage, first reduce it from the shield(s), and the remainder is reduced from current health.

Reaching below 0 health

Legends below 0 current health become unconscious, no action can be taken until healing is performed. It is up to the narrator to determine the health of the Legend since this really depends on the situation.

There are effects that alter the amount of healing: