Core concepts

Dice rolls

Late Legends features two different types of rolls, a d20 roll and a d100 roll (or 2d10). The rolls are performed by rolling said dice once and adding a specific bonus of the legend to get to a result. Here is how they work:


The d20 rolls have a variable difficulty for all these rolls we rule that ‘Meet it is beat it’, meaning that difficulty 16 is succeeded if the legend’s result is 16 or higher. This applies for the following rolls:


The d100 rolls have a fixed difficulty, the roll will be succeeded if the total result is higher than 100. This applies for these rolls:

Advantage and disadvantage

In skills and artifacts, a legend can receive advantage or disadvantage to either improve or reduce the chance of succeeding the roll:

The effectiveness of advantage and disadvantage can stack, this means the following scenarios are possible: