A lancer experienced in the arts of the white and black dragon.

Skills of Dragoon may be saved using Luck saves.

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Dawn to dusk

Passive, After a Light Attack, gain Movement + 1. After a Dark Attack, gain Critical Bonus + 2.

Skill Tree: Arts of the Black Dragon

Thrust of darkness (Common)

1 Action, Gain Critical Bonus + 3 and Dark Attack (Power + 2) a target within 2m.

Skies of darkness (Rare)

1 Action, Freely move to a free tile within 3m (keep track of your starting position) and Dark Attack (Power + 3) a target within 2m. At the end of your turn, freely move back to your starting position.

Dark spiral (Epic)

1 Action, Dark Attack (Power + 4) enemies within 2m. After, select one target that you dealt damage to and attempt to move it 3m away.

Skill Tree: Arts of the White Dragon

Piercing lance (Common)

1 Action, Light Attack (Power + 2) a target within 2m. If you dealt damage, attempt to inflict Physical Armor - 2 (2 stacks).

Charging avatar (Rare)

Special, Gain Charging Avatar (2 stacks).
~ Charging Avatar: Use a Reaction to gain Movement + 1 and Critical chance + 15.

Radiant dive (Epic)

Reaction, After being attacked by an enemy, freely move to a free tile within 1m of the attacker and Light Attack a target within 1m.


Meteor crash

1 Action, Gain Meteor Crash and either Light or Dark Affinity.
~ Meteor Crash: Disappear from the battlefield until the start of your next turn, when you reappear, freely move to a tile within 6m from where you disappeared and True Attack all enemies within 1m.