A willful mechanic able to connect Ether with gadgets.

Role: Supporter

Uses Physical Weapons.

Uses Strength for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 Strength.

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Check Physical Equipment for Ether Mechanic

Skill Tree: Gadgets of ether

Jetboots (Common)

Special, Grant Jetboots (3 stacks) to an ally within 2m.
~ Jetboots: After dealing damage or after a succesful block or dodge, you may use a stack to move yourself 1m.

Spidermine (Rare)

1 Action, Place two Spidermine on free tiles within 2m.
~ Spidermine: Use a Special to remove the spider. If used, it deals Light True Damage (Level + 6) to enemies within 2m, grants a Shield (Level + 1) and Chance Roll + 10 to allies within 2m.

Pulsecannon (Epic)

1 Action, Select a target within 6m and attempt to move it 4m and Light attack (Power + 6) the target. On save, move it 1m. After, Light attack (Power + 6) another target within 1m of the original target.

Skill Tree: Will of ether

Celestial barriers (Common)

1 Action, Grant a Shield (Level + 3) to allies (excluding yourself) within 2m. After, grant Critical Chance + 10 to allies within 6m that currently have a Shield of 1 or higher.

Cosmos spheres (Rare)

Special, Grant a Shield (Level + 5) to two targets within 4m. After, choose two allies (excluding yourself) within 6m with a Shield of 1 or higher, these allies may move (2m), but have to end on a tile within 6m of you.

Ether protection (Epic)

Special, Grant a Shield (Level + 12) to a target within 6m. After, grant Power + 6 to allies within 6m that currently have a Shield of 1 or higher.

Skill Tree: Flow of ether

Pulling Strike (Common)

1 Action, Light attack a target. After, select another target within 4m of original target and attempt to move both targets 1m to eachother.

Ether magnet (Rare)

Special, Grant Ether magnet (3 stacks) on a target within 1m.
~ Ether magnet (2m Aura): When an enemy is in this aura and moves outside of their turn, you may use a stack to gain Movement + 2 and deal Light True Damage (Level + 8) to the target.

Ether portal (Epic)

Special, Allies within 3m may freely move to free tiles as close as possible to you. After, grant allies within 1m a Reaction, Chance Roll + 10 and Movement + 3.


Super ether transmitter

1 Action, Gain Ether transmitter (6 stacks).
~ Ether transmitter (3m Aura): In your turn, you may use any number of stacks for free. If you do, select a target within the aura to either: Move it 3m in any direction, grant a Shield (10) to it or inflict Power - 8 on it.


Ether radar

Passive, When a skill you cast is used to move target(s) within 6m of you, grant Chance Roll + 6 to either yourself or one target that moved. This effect can stack up to 3.