A nimble fighter specialized in arts of the black dragon.

Role: Attacker

Uses Physical Weapons.

Uses Agility for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 Agility.

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Check Physical Equipment for Shadow Ninja

Skill Tree: Shadow Magic

Shadow Shuriken (Common)

1 Action, Deal Dark True Damage (Level + 14) in 5m, passes through targets. Able to hit multiple targets and can be Charged.
~ Charged: Double Skill Range and Action cost. Additionally, increase the Dark True Damage by 5.

Night Slash (Rare)

1 Action, Deal Dark True Damage (Level + 15) to 2 targets within 3m. You may roll a critical roll for this skill, if you succeed, deal add Critical Bonus to the true damage of one target.

Substitute (Epic)

Reaction, Gain a Reaction and Dodge Chance + 50 and inflict Physical Armor - 5 (2 stacks) on the attacker.

Skill Tree: Shadow Traits

Shadow Swap (Common)

Reaction, Attempt to swap locations with a target within 3m. Has to be used in your own turn or between turns.

Dark Aura (Rare)

Special, Grant Dark Aura (3 stacks) on a target within 1m.
~ Dark Aura: If an attack dealt damage, attempt to inflict X (2 stacks). X is determined by a 1d6: 1-2 = Movement - 2, 3-4 = Power - 4, 5-6 = Armor - 5.

Shadow Stop (Epic)

Special, Gain Critical Chance + 10 (2 stacks) and attempt to inflict Shadow Stop (4 stacks) on a target within 4m and yourself. On save, inflict Shadow Stop (2 stacks) on the target and yourself.
~ Shadow Stop: Set Dodge Chance to 0 and Block Chance to 0. Caster can remove this effect from the caster and the target by using a Reaction.

Skill Tree: Arts of the Shadows

Shadow Dragon (Common)

1 Action, Move while able to pass through targets and deal Dark True Damage (Level + 5) to all targets you pass through. If you did not end on a free tile, move back to the last free tile you've visited. After, inflict Mark of the Black Dragon (3 stacks) on the last target damaged.
~ Mark of the Black Dragon: On caster's attacks, you are inflicted with Dodge Chance - 20.

Assassinate (Rare)

1 Action, Gain Critical Chance + 15 and Attack (Power + 4) a target within 3m. Gain another Critical Chance + 15 if the target is inflicted with Mark of the Black Dragon. After, remove Mark of the Black Dragon.

Dancing Blade (Epic)

1 Action, Move (3m), attack a target twice and move (3m). Gain Critical Chance + 20 for the attacks if the target is inflicted with Mark of the Black Dragon. After, remove Mark of the Black Dragon.


Okuri Okami

Special, Gain Okuri Okami (6 stacks).
~ Okuri Okami: Gain Movement + 2, Power + 6, Dark Affinity and gain Accelerate.
~ Accelerate: After using a Rare Cooldown, place it on 1 instead of 2. After using an Epic Cooldown, place it on 2 instead of 3.


Shadow Adapt

Passive, Each Critical Strike inflicts Shadow Mark.
~ Shadow Mark: If the next incoming damage on you has Dark Affinity, take 3 True Damage.