A nimble fighter specialized in arts of the black dragon.

Skills of Shadow ninja may be saved using Agility saves.

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Passive, Whenever you move, freely move instead. When moving through an enemy, you may inflict it with Symbol of shadow (can only be applied on one target at a time).
~ Symbol of shadow: When you are being targeted by a Dark Attack, the attacker gains Critical Chance + 6.

Skill Tree: Shadow magic

Night slash (Common)

1 Action, Deal Dark True Damage (Level + 5) to two targets within your range. After, you may roll a critical roll, if you succeed, inflict the targets with Nightly wounds.
~ Nightly wounds: Take 3 True damage after receiving dark damage.

Shadow shuriken (Rare)

1 Action, Gain Range + 1, gain Multi Attack and Dark Attack (Power + 2) within your range.
~ Multi Attack: Attacks continues through the target (you may freely change direction). Able to hit more than one target, but only the first target can be dealt critical damage. Can only hit the same target once.

Shadow prison (Epic)

Special, Inflict a target within your range with Shadow prison (4 stacks). After, attempt to gain Power + 5 (2 stacks).
~ Shadow prison: You cannot use Reactions when targeted by dark attacks or dark true damage.

Skill Tree: Arts of the shadows

Shadow dragon (Common)

Special, Move (2m), deal Dark True Damage (Level + 3) to all enemies that get within 1m of you. After, attempt to inflict Dodge Chance - 15 on a target you damaged.

Assassinate (Rare)

1 Action, Gain Critical Bonus + 4 and Move to an adjacent tile of an enemy within 3m. After Dark Attack (Power + 4) and inflict Movement - 2 on that enemy.

Dancing blade (Epic)

1 Action, Dark Attack (Power + 5) a target and inflict Dark Weakness on enemies within 2m. After, gain Dancing Dash (2 stacks).
~ Dancing dash: Use a Special to Move 3m instead of 1m.



Reaction, When you would normally take damage, negate damage done, Move and inflict Dark Vulnerability on enemies within 1m of the attacker. After, gain a Darkstep (3 stacks).
~ Darkstep: Dodge Rolls required 1 Reaction instead of 2.