A sturdy undead specialized in blood-magic.

Role: Defender

Uses Melee Weapons.

Uses Endurance for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 Endurance.

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Check Melee Equipment for Revenant

Skill Tree: Blood bender

Chill (Common)

1 Action, Ice attack (Power + 1) a target. If you dealt damage, attempt to inflict Movement -2 (2 stacks). On save, inflict Movement -2 instead.

Hot-blooded (Rare)

1 Action, Fire attack (Power + 3) a target. If you dealt damage, attempt to inflict Hot-blooded (2 stacks). On save, inflict Hot-blooded.
~ Hot-blooded: Inflicted with Damage - 8 if you do not target the caster.

Drain strength (Epic)

1 Action, Deal True Damage (Level + 8) to a target within 1m. Gain power + 5 (2 stacks) and inflict power -5 (2 stacks) and attempt to inflict vulnerability to an element of your choice to the target.

Skill Tree: Bane

Dread (Common)

Special, Attempt to inflict Dread (2 stacks) on a target within 3m. On save inflict Dread instead.
~ Dread: You have -3 on saves.

Mass anemia (Rare)

1 Action, Deal Ice True Damage (Level + 5) then attempt to inflict Dodge Chance -20 (2 stacks) to all enemies within 2m. On save inflict Dodge Chance -20 instead.

Reverse heart (Epic)

Special, Remove buff or debuff on a target within 3m. Then grant a shield (Level +15) to allies within 3m.

Skill Tree: Blood Brothers

Blood protection (Common)

1 Action, Move 2m then grant Blood Protection (2 stacks) to a target within 3m.
~ Blood Protection: You have armor +3. After you are damaged, the caster may move 1m to the attacker.

Bloodplating (Rare)

1 Action, Gain Critical bonus + 4 (2 stacks) and grant Blood-plating (2 stacks) to an ally within 3m.
~ Blood-plating: Whenever you deal or take damage, deal Fire True Damage (Level + 8) to an adjacent enemy.

Crimson Calling (Epic)

1 Action, Swap places with an ally within 3m and grant a Shield (level + 15) to that ally. Then, attempt to Move (2m) all enemies within 5m.


Weak blooded

Special, Gain a affinty with ice or fire as long as you have past power stacks, Past Powers (5 stacks).
~ Past Powers: Each time an ally within 5m takes damage inflict the attacker with a Vulnerability of your choice.



Passive, Whenever one of your skills grants a buff or inflicts a debuff, gain a Shield (X). Where X is the amount of stacks granted or inflicted. Max 3 shields granted by this skill.