A chaotic soul experienced in the magic of the red dragon.

Skills of Pyromancer may be saved using Intelligence saves.

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Bonfire gaze

Passive, Whenever an enemy that is 4m or more away from you takes Fire Damage, gain Critical Bonus + 2 (stacks up to Critical Bonus + 6).

Skill Tree: Flame Artillery

Eruption pillar (Common)

1 Action, Fire Attack (Power + 2) a 3 tile-triangle with two tiles being within your range.

Conflagrate (Rare)

Special, Deal Fire True Damage (Level + 1) and attempt to inflict Wildfire on two enemies within your range. After, gain Range + 2.
~ Wildfire: At the end of your next turn, take 10 Fire True Damage reduced by 2 for each tile you moved since you got this effect.

Meteor shower (Epic)

1 Action, Target a tile within your range, Fire Attack (Power + 5) enemies within a 2m of the tile. After, attempt to inflict Fire Weakness on enemies within 2m of the tile.

Skill Tree: Firedancer

Dragon's pillars (Common)

Special, Select three tiles within your range to create Dragon Pillars (2 stacks).
~ Dragon's Pillars (Zone): Spend a stack each time a target enters this zone to Fire True Damage (Level + 7) to that target.

Shout of the inferno (Rare)

1 Action, Attempt to inflict knocked back 2m and Fire Attack (Power + 6) a target.

Flaming burst kick (Epic)

1 Action, Freely move (keep track of your starting location). After, Fire Attack (Power + 4) enemies within 1m of your starting location.



1 Action, Gain Hellfire (2 stacks).
~ Hellfire: Use a Reaction to Fire attack (Power + 5) all within 2m radius with the center tile within 8m. Has to be used at the end of an allies turn.