A fierce strider with the blessing of the yellow dragon.

Role: Defender

Uses Physical Weapons.

Uses Endurance for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 Endurance.

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Skill Tree: Wrath of the Storm

Hammer of thor (Common)

1 Action, Lightning attack (Power + 2) a target. If you dealt damage, inflict Twin Shock (4 stacks).
~ Twin Shock: Whenever you take an action deal 1 Lightning True Damage to you and the caster

Stormbolt (Rare)

1 Action, Gain Critical Chance + 10 and Lightning attack (Power + 5) a target within 6m. If you dealt damage, attempt to inflict Power - 5 on the target.

Lightning of judgement (Epic)

1 Action, Lightning Attack (Power + 8) a target. If you dealt damage, attempt to inflict Judgement (2 stacks) on the target.
~ Judgement: Critical Bonus is doubled against you.

Skill Tree: Order

Lightning verdict (Common)

Special, Grant Verdict (2 stacks) on a target within 2m.
~ Verdict: Gain Critical Chance + 10 and Physical Block Chance + 20. Uses a stack when either is used.

Shocking attraction (Rare)

1 Action, Move (2m) and inflict Shocking Attraction on enemies within 1m.
~ Shocking Attraction: Inflicted with Damage - 10 if you do not target the caster.

Grand order (Epic)

1 Action, Allies within 5m may move (3m). After, inflict 10 Lightning True damage to all within 3m.

Skill Tree: Protection

Storm guard (Common)

Special, Grant Stormguard to a target within 3m.
~ Stormguard: Gain a shield (Level + 5). After the shield is destroyed, the caster may move 2m towards the target.

Storm surge (Rare)

Special, Gain Storm Surge (3 stacks).
~ Storm Surge: Each time you deal damage with an attack, you may Shield (Level + 6) another ally within 2m.

Storm's protection (Epic)

1 Action, Move (3m) and grant Guarded to allies within 2m.
~ Guarded: Incoming damage is dealt to the caster instead.


Scales of thunder

1 Action, Gain Power + X. X is 5 per 20 missing Health and Attack a target within 3m. After, Shield 40.


Static charge

Passive, Gain Critical Bonus + 2 each time you take damage. This effect can stack three times (Critical Bonus + 6).