A divine soul blessed with of holy magic of the white dragon.

Skills of Sun cleric may be saved using Sensory saves.

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Shining luck

Passive, Make a critical roll before you grant a Shield, if the roll succeeds gain Bonus Shield + 4.

Skill Tree: Light's protection

Sol heal (Common)

1 Action, Grant a Shield (Level + 12) to another target within 1m.

Blessing of light (Rare)

Special, Cast a 1m radius of Blessing of light (3 stacks) with the center within 4m.
~ Blessing of light (Zone): Caster may use a Reaction and a stack to grant a Shield (Level + 6) and Light Affinity to a target within this zone.

Salute to the sun (Epic)

1 Action, Shield (Level + 14) allies within 4m and inflict Light Weakness to enemies within 4m.

Skill Tree: Shining enchantments

Sunrise power (Common)

1 Action, Grant either Empowering sun or Shining ward to allies within 2m.
~ Empowering sun: Gain Critical Chance + 10 and Light Affinity.
~ Shining ward: Gain Magical armor + 3, Light Resistance and Dark Resistance.

Piercing rays (Rare)

1 Action, Attempt to inflict Light Weakness (2 stacks) and deal True damage (Level + 10) on a target within 3m.

Lightspeed bind (Epic)

Special, Grant Movement + 2 (2 stacks) to allies within 4m and attempt inflict Lightbind on enemies within 4m.
~ Lightbind: Upon taking light damage, inflicted with Magical armor - 5 and Movement - 2.


Light of the divine

Special, Grant Dark Resistance, Critical Chance + 15 and a Shield (Level + 15) to allies within 4m.