A monk able to channel ancient animal spirits.

Role: Defender

Uses Melee Weapons.

Uses Strength for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 Strength.

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Check Melee Equipment for Beast-shaper

Skill Tree: Bear's might

Aspect of the Bear (Common)

1 Action, Gain Movement + 2, move and gain Aspect of the Bear (2 stacks).
~ Aspect of the Bear: If you dealt damage to a target, you may use 1 stack to attempt to inflict Chance - 20 on that target.

Mother's Instinct (Rare)

Special, Deal True damage (Level + 8) on a target within 1m and attempt to inflict Disadvantage on that target. After, grant Armor + 3 to other allies within 2m.

Taunting Roar (Epic)

Special, Attempt to inflict Beast Roar on enemies within 3m. On save, the target takes True Damage (Level + 15) instead.
~ Beast Roar: Damage - 20 if you do not target the caster.

Skill Tree: Turtle's Shell

Aspect of the Turtle (Common)

Special, Inflict Power - 4 on a target within 1m and gain Block Chance + 15 and Block Bonus + 3.

Spiked Shell (Rare)

1 Action, Deal True Damage (Level + 12) and attempt to inflict Armor - 3 (2 stacks) on enemies within 1m. On save, inflict Armor -3.

Shattering Barrier (Epic)

Special, Gain a Shield (Level + 18) and attempt to inflict Armor -5 (2 stacks) on enemies within 3m. On save, inflict Armor - 5.

Skill Tree: Tiger's Wrath

Aspect of the Tiger (Common)

1 Action, Move and gain Critical Chance + 15 (2 stacks) and Critcal Bonus + 2 (2 stacks).

Playful Kitty (Rare)

1 Action, Freely move to a tile adjacent to a target within 4m. After, attack (Power + 5) that target and move (1m) the target in any direction.

Wounded Prey (Epic)

1 Action, Attack (Power + 8) a target within 1m and inflict Wounded (3 stacks) on the target.
~ Wounded: If you fail a roll, take True Damage (Level + 4).


Animal Spirit

Special, Freely move (7m) and inflict Movement - 4 on enemies within 2m. After, gain Movement + 2 (4 stacks) and Wings of the Eagle (4 stacks).
~ Wings of the Eagle: A negative effect that targets will target the caster instead.


Chameleon's variety

Passive, Each time you gain effect(s) that benefit your battle stats, also gain Dodge Chance + 3 (max 5).