Beast shaper

"The beast shaper has strong physical defense combined with critical and dodge chance. Inhereting the spirits of long lost animals. By harnessing their power, the beast shaper is a vessel of many talents and an extremely competent ally."

Tags: Critical chance, Dodge chance, Physical armor

Elements: Earth

Skills of Beast shaper may be saved using Strength saves.


Unlocked when you've chosen 4 skills of Beast shaper.

Wildshape - Once per day for 1 hour, able to transform into a grounded animal of choice. Transform back when taking combat actions.


Chameleon's diversity

Passive, Each time you gain a bonus in either Critical chance or Physical armor, gain Dodge chance + 4 (stacks up to Dodge chance + 12).

Beasts of the hunt

Hungry hyena Common

Special, Move (1m) and gain Critical chance + 6. After, attempt to inflict Physical armor - 4 on a target within 1m.

Playful kitty Rare

Special, Move into the tile of a target within 2m and move (1m) the target. After, gain Critical Chance + 5.

Scent of blood Epic

1 Action, Move (2m) gain Critical Chance + 5 and Earth attack (Power + 2) a target within your range. If you dealt damage gain Advantage on your next Critical roll.

Survival instincts

Tortoise spiked shell Common

1 Action, Earth Attack (Power + 2) a target within 1m. If you dealt damage, attempt to gain Physical armor + 3.

Protective pounch Rare

1 Action, Move (3m), Earth Attack (Power + 1) a target and attempt to Move (2m) the target. After, allies within 1m gain Physical armor + 3.

Shattering scales Epic

Special, Gain Shattering scales and Physical armor + 5.
~ Shattering scales: Gain a Shield (Level + 10). If you still have the Shield at the start of your next turn, remove the shield and attempt to inflict Earth Weakness (2 stacks) on enemies within 3m.


Spirit of the chimera

1 Action, Move (6m), move (1m) enemies within 2m. After gain Movement + 2, Dodge chance + 10 and Spirit of the chimera (2 stacks).
~ Spirit of the chimera: all negative status effects that target you are inflicted to the caster instead.