"The clairvoyant has a wide assortment of spells to aid the unprepared in battle. As the enlightened soul, the clairvoyant has their eyes set on the future. They are not focused on an element, but their presence always leaves some divine vibe to those lucky enough to witness it."

Tags: Reaction, Buffer


Skills of Clairvoyant may be saved using Sensory saves.


Unlocked when you've chosen 4 skills of Clairvoyant.

Reading of the future - Once per day, select another target within 2m, gain a vision of the first major event of their future. The more aware of this event, the bigger the chance it will alter.


Forseen guidance

Passive, Whenever an other ally within 3m succeeds a Block or Dodge roll gain Reaction + 1.

6th Sense

Danger sense Common

Reaction, Grant Reaction + 1 and Saving Roll + 3 to an ally within 4m.

Reactive insight Rare

Reaction, Grant Block bonus + 5 and advantage to an ally within your range.

Painful foresight Epic

1 Action, Attack (Power + 5) up to two targets within your range and attempt to inflict Planned Out on each target. On save inflict Disadvantage instead.
~ Planned Out: Whenever making an attack the defender gains advantage (2 stacks).


Quick feet Common

1 Action, Inflict yourself with Dodge Chance - 10, move (2m) and grant Quick feet (2 Stacks) to an ally within 4m.
~ Quick feet: Dodge rolls cost 1 Reaction instead of 2.

Guardian's shield Rare

1 Action, Grant up to two allies within 4m a Shield (Level + 5) and Magical block chance + 15.

Perfected strikes Epic

1 Action, Move (2m). After grant Power + 3, Perfect strike (2 stacks) and Save height + 2 (2 stacks) to allies within 3m.
~ Perfect Strike: Skills that target enemies cannot be dodged.


Sphere of safety

Special, Gain a Shield (Level + 5) and grant a 2m radius with the center tile within your range with Sphere of safety (5 stacks).
~ Sphere of safety (Zone): Allies within this zone have Dodge chance + 15 and Magical block chance + 15. When the last stack is removed grant Power + 5 to allies within the zone.