An enlightened soul elected by the divine.

Role: Supporter

Uses Ranged Weapons.

Uses Sensory for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 Sensory.

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Check Ranged Equipment for Clairvoyant

Skill Tree: Senses

Danger Sense (Common)

Reaction, Grant one Reaction and Saving Roll + 3 to an ally within 7m.

Weak Spot (Rare)

Special, Attempt to inflict Weak Spot (2 stacks) on a target within 7m. On save, inflict Weak Spot.
~ Weak Spot: Take 12 True Damage if a target succeeds a critical roll on you.

Perfect Strike (Epic)

Special, Grant Perfect Strike (4 stacks) to an ally within 7m.
~ Perfect Strike: Skills that target enemies cannot be dodged and the Save of those skills is increased by 2.

Skill Tree: Assistance

Guard Sight (Common)

1 Action, Shield (Level + 7) a target within 7m. You may attempt a Critical Roll for this Shield. If you succeed, add your Critical Bonus to the Shield.

Preparation (Rare)

1 Action, Grant Critical Chance + 15 (2 stacks) and Prepared (2 stacks) on yourself and a target within 7m.
~ Prepared: After using an Uncommon , Rare or Epic class cooldown, reduce it by 1.

Resonating Beam (Epic)

1 Action, Attack (Power + 7) and inflict an elemental Weakness (2 stacks) of choice on an enemy within 7m.

Skill Tree: Determination

Force of Will (Common)

Special, Grant Power + 4 (2 stacks) and Bonus Shield + 4 (2 stacks) to an ally within 4m.

Tunnel Vision (Rare)

1 Action, Attempt to inflict Tunnel Vision (2 stacks) on a target within 7m. On save, inflict Tunnel Vision.
~ Tunnel Vision: Attacks and skills you use must target the same target as the most recent target.

We can do This! (Epic)

Special, Grant Advantage (4 stacks) to allies within 3m.



1 Action, Attempt to grant Hero (2 stacks) on another ally within 7m. On a failed save, grant Hero (2 stacks) on another random ally within 7m.
~ Hero: At the start of your turn, Gain Action + 1, Critical Chance + 10, Dodge Chance + 10 and reduce class cooldown of choice by 1 (excluding Ultimate) gain an additional Action and reduce an additional Class Cooldown of choice by 1.


Guiding Mind

Passive, As a reaction, when an ally within 2m makes a saving roll, you may make a sen saving roll. The ally may pick the highest result for the saving roll.