An enlightened soul elected by the divine.

Skills of Clairvoyant may be saved using Sensory saves.

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Forseen guidance

Passive, Whenever an other ally within 3m succeeds a Block or Dodge roll gain one Reaction.

Skill Tree: 6th Sense

Danger sense (Common)

Reaction, Grant one Reaction and Saving Roll + 3 to an ally within 4m.

Reactive insight (Rare)

Reaction, Grant Block bonus + 5 and advantage to an ally within your range.

Painful foresight (Epic)

1 Action, Attack (Power + 5) up to two targets within your range and attempt to inflict Planned Out on each target. On save inflict Disadvantage instead.
~ Planned Out: Whenever making an attack the defender gains advantage (2 stacks).

Skill Tree: Assistance

Quick feet (Common)

1 Action, Move (2m) and grant Quick feet (2 Stacks) to an ally within 4m.
~ Quick feet: Dodge attempts costs 1 Reaction.

Guardian's shield (Rare)

Special, Grant all allies within 2m a Shield (Level + 5) and Magic Block Chance + 15.

Perfected strikes (Epic)

1 Action, Move (2m). After grant Power + 3, Perfect strike (2 stacks) and Save Height + 2 (2 stacks) to allies within 3m.
~ Perfect Strike: Skills that target enemies cannot be dodged.


Sphere of safety

Special, Gain a Shield (Level + 5) and grant a 2m radius with the center tile within your range with Sphere of safety (5 stacks).
~ Sphere of safety (Zone): Allies within this zone have Dodge Chance + 15 and Magical Block Chance + 15. When the last stack is removed grant Power + 5 to allies within the zone.