A seeker of the forbidden arts of the black dragon.

Skills of Conjurer may be saved using Intelligence saves.

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Forsaken potential

Passive, At the start of your turn, gain Power + 1 for each reduced battle stat (except power) that you currently have (stacks up to Power + 5).

Skill Tree: Devastation

Conjurer's wrath (Common)

1 Action, Gain Critical Chance + 10 and Dark Attack a 3 tile-triangle with two tiles being within your range. After inflict yourself with Critical Chance - 10.

Black hole (Rare)

Special, Inflict yourself with Movement - 1 and gain Power + 2. Target a tile within 6m and attempt to move any target(s) within 3m to as close as possible to the center (you choose the targets and order). On save, inflict Movement - 1.

Maelstrom (Epic)

1 Action, Inflict youself with Block Bonus - 2 and Dark Attack (Power + 6) enemies within 3m. After attempt to inflict knocked back 3m on up to two targets that you damaged.

Skill Tree: Forbidden magic

Forbidden tome (Common)

1 Action, Inflict yourself with Magic Armor - 3 and Dark Attack (Power + 4) a target. If you dealt damage, attempt to inflict Dark matter (2 stacks) on that target. On save, inflict Dark matter instead.
~ Dark matter: Inflicted with Disadvantage for the next saving roll against the caster of this effect.

Mind break (Rare)

Special, Inflict yourself with Physical Armor - 3. After, deal Dark True Damage (Level + 3) and attempt to inflict Dark Weakness (2 stacks) on a target within your range. On save, inflict Dark Weakness instead.

Skill Tree: Infestation

Chaos bolt (Epic)

1 Action, Inflict yourself with Dodge Chance - 10, remove your current shields and gain Power (+ 6 if you reduced no Shield, + 9 if you removed 15 or less Shield, + 15 if you removed 16 or more Shield). After inflict Reaction - 2 and Dark attack the target.


Haste of the conjurer

1 Action, Inflict yourself with Bonus Shield - 1, place two Shadow clones (2 stacks) within 3m and dissappear (keep track of your original location). Reappear on your original location when both Shadow clones have 0 stacks.
~ Shadow clone (Summon): Copies of yourself, but share your turn and cooldowns. Use a Reaction and one stack of a Shadow clone to freely move (3m) and Dark Attack a target.