A seeker of the forbidden arts of the black dragon.

Role: Attacker

Uses Magical Weapons.

Uses Intelligence for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 Intelligence.

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Skill Tree: Devastation

Conjurer's wrath (Common)

1 Action, Lose health (2) and Dark attack (Power + 2) a 3 tile-triangle with 1 tile being within 6m.

Black hole (Rare)

Special, Target a tile within 6m and attempt to move all within 3m to as close as possible to the center. You may choose the order. On save, inflict Movement -1.

Maelstrom (Epic)

1 Action, Dark attack (Power + 6) all within 3m. Use one critical roll for all targets.

Skill Tree: Forbidden magic

Forbidden tome (Common)

1 Action, Lose health (6). After, Dark attack (Power + 4) and attempt to inflict Dark Matter on a target within 6m.
~ Dark Matter: Inflicted with Disadvantage for the next saving roll against the caster of this effect.

Shadow link (Rare)

1 Action, Attempt to inflict inflict Drainer (3 stacks) on a target within 4m. On save, inflict Drainer (1 stack) instead.
~ Drainer: At the start of your turn, take True damage (Level + 4) and the Shield (Level + 4) the caster.

Mind break (Epic)

1 Action, Attempt to deal Deal Dark True Damage (Level + 20). On save, deal dark true damage (10) instead. After, inflict Terrified (2 stacks) to other enemies within 3m of the target.
~ Terrified: An action cannot be used to target the caster.

Skill Tree: Infestation

Corruption (Common)

1 Action, Attempt to inflict Corruption (2 stacks) on a target within 6m. On save, inflict Corruption (1 stack) instead.
~ Corruption: At the start of your turn, take True Damage (Level + 10).

Spreading darkness (Rare)

1 Action, Attempt to inflict Spreading Darkness (2 stacks) on a target within 6m. On save, inflict Spreading Darkness (1 stack) instead.
~ Spreading Darkness: If you get adjacent to another ally, you and that ally take True Damage (Level + 10).

Chaos bolt (Epic)

1 Action, Lose health (8) and attack (Power + 12) a target within 8m. If the target is currently inflicted with Corruption or Spreading Darkness, gain Critical Chance + 20 for this Attack. The target cannot make a dodge roll against this attack.


Shadow clones

1 Action, Disappear and place two Shadow Clones (3 stacks) within 3m.
~ Shadow Clone (Summon): Use up to two stacks to either perform a skil, freely move (4m) or reduce a skill cooldown by 2. When all Shadow Clones have 0 stacks, reappear on the tile where you dissapeared.


Forsaken pact

Passive, Each time you take damage, gain Critical Chance + 4 (max 3).