A long lost protector that draws magical power from the earth.

Skills of Ancient guardian may be saved using Endurance saves.

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Ancient powers

Passive, When you are targeted by a Magic Attack, grant Magic Armor + 2 to another ally within 2m (Stacks up to Magic Armor + 4).

Skill Tree: Bygone rage

Magical infusion (Common)

Special, Gain Magical Block Chance + 10 and Block Bonus + 2 and attempt to move a target within your range 2m towards you.

Ancient magi (Rare)

1 Action, Inflict Magi touch and attempt to deal Earth True Damage (Level + 6) to enemies within 2m.
~ Magi touch: The next damage you deal is dealt as if it were Magic Damage.

Primordial rush (Epic)

1 Action, Freely move while attempting to inflict enemies within 1m with Power - 8 (2 Stacks) and grant other allies within 1m with Magic Armor + 5. On save, inflict Power - 8.

Skill Tree: Everlasting armor

Elder strike (Common)

1 Action, Earth Attack a target and attempt to gain Magic Armor + 6. On save, gain Magic Armor + 3.

Rune skin (Rare)

Special, Gain Magical Block Chance + 10 (3 stacks) and gain Rune Skin.
~ Rune Skin: After a successful block roll, grant a Shield (Level + 4) to an other ally within 4m.

Runic intervention (Epic)

Reaction, When an ally within 3m is attacked you may swap places and become the new target and gain a Shield (Level + 5).


Ancient construct

Special, Gain Ancient construct (3 stacks) and inflict enemies within 3m with Treatening presence.
~ Ancient construct: Your size is increased to 3 tiles, if there are no free tiles allies and enemies are moves aside. When you take damage remove a stack of Ancient construct.
~ Treatening presence: You have power -10 if your attack targets someone other than the caster.