A long lost protector that draws magical power from the earth.

Role: Defender

Uses Magical Weapons.

Uses Endurance for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 Endurance.

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Check Magical Equipment for Ancient Guardian

Skill Tree: Power of the Golem

Hammer fist (Common)

1 Action, Attack (Power + 3) and attempt to inflict Movement - 2 (2 stacks). On save, inflict Movement - 2.

Ground rush (Rare)

1 Action, Freely move (Movement + 2) and attempt to inflict Movement - 4 on enemies you pass within 1m.

Eternal life (Epic)

1 Action, Deal True Damage (Level + 10) on enemies within 3m and Shield (5) yourself per target that you damaged this way.

Skill Tree: Ancient Protector

Ancient guard (Common)

Special, Gain Ancient Guarding (2 stacks).
~ Ancient Guarding: If an enemy within 1m makes an attack, you may use a Reaction to attempt to become the target for this attack.

Threatening presence (Rare)

1 Action, Attempt to inflict Threatening presence (2 stacks) on enemies within 1m. On save, inflict Threatening presence.
~ Threatening presence: Damage - 20 if you do not target the caster of this effect.

Ancient treasure (Epic)

Special, Gain Armor + 6 and Block Chance + 15 and grant Golem Guard (2 stacks) to an ally within 2m.
~ Golem Guard: Gain the casters Block Chance and Block Bonus.

Skill Tree: Unbreakable Entity

Stone / Treant skin (Common)

Special, Gain either Stone Skin (2 stacks) or Treant Skin (2 stacks).
~ Stone Skin: Gain 5 Physical Armor and lose 2 Magical Armor.
~ Treant Skin: Gain 5 Magical Armor and lose 2 Physical Armor.

Rune skin (Rare)

Special, Gain Block Chance + 10 (4 stacks) and gain Rune Skin.
~ Rune Skin: After a successful block roll, deal True Damage (Level + 8) on the attacker.

Ancient skin (Epic)

Reaction, Use when an enemy attacks you to gain Block Chance + 50 and inflict Disadvantage on the attacker. After Shield (Level + 8) other allies within 2m.


Golem form

1 Action, Become huge (3m) until your next turn and gain Block Bonus +4 and Ancient Golem (6 stacks). After, inflict Taunted on enemies within 2m.
~ Ancient Golem: Transfer your Dodge Chance to Block Chance.
~ Taunted: Next attack you make has to target the caster.


Mark of the ancients

Passive, When an enemy succeeds a critical roll on you or when you succeed a block roll, inflict the target with Saving Roll - 2.