An all-rounder that effortlessly uses physical weapons.

Skills of Master of arms may be saved using Strength saves.

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Weapon juggler

Passive, Each turn, you may use a Special to switch Physical weapons and Offhands once.

Skill Tree: Melee maestro

Cosmic melt (Common)

1 Action, Fire attack a target and move (1m). If you dealt damage using an 1m range weapon, attempt to inflict Burned defense (2 stacks).
~ Burned defense: When the caster damages you from target 2m or more away, take 3 Fire True Damage.

Distancing swipe (Rare)

Special, Gain Critical Bonus + 6 and Distancing swipe (2 stacks).
~ Distancing swipe: After dealing damage to a target within 1m, attempt to inflict Knocked back (2m). On save, inflict Kocked back (1m) instead.

Flames of the archfiend (Epic)

1 Action, Move (2m), attempt to move enemies within 2m towards you, gain Critical Chance + 15 and Fire Attack (Power + 6) enemies within 1m.

Skill Tree: Takedown from afar

Compressed shot (Common)

1 Action, Attempt to inflict Reaction -1 within your range. After, Air Attack (Power + 2) a target.

Gale engage (Rare)

Special, Gain a Physical Armor + 6 and Gale engage (4 stacks).
~ Gale engage: After dealing damage using an attack on a target that is more than 2m away from you, attempt to move the target 1m towards you.

Howling octave (Epic)

1 Action, Air Attack (Power + 6) a target. If you dealt damage using a 2+m range weapon, inflict Armor crumble (2 stacks) on all enemies within 1m of the target.
~ Armor crumble: When taking damage from a target within 1m, take 5 True Damage.


Perfect execution

Special, Gain Perfect execution (2 stacks), Air enchantment and Fire enchantment.
~ Perfect execution: Whenever you change weapons, you may move 2m and gain Power + 10.
~ Air enchantment: Before an Air attack, gain Critical Chance + 20.
~ Fire enchantment: After a Fire attack, also deal Fire True Damage (Level + 5) to one target.