Lucid scout

"The lucid scout combines defensive light attacks with water true damage. As adventurous as ever, the lucid scout, moves with the tides and strikes with the blinding lights. With freedom above all, the lucid scout longs for those carefree days."

Tags: Shield, Bonus true damage

Elements: Light, Water

Skills of Lucid scout may be saved using Agility saves.


Unlocked when you've chosen 4 skills of Lucid scout.

Aquatic scouting - Once per day, you can look into water to spy on a nearby area for 5 minutes.


Sparkling aura

Passive, After dealing Light damage, grant Bonus True Damage + 1 to allies within 1m. After dealing Water Damage, gain Bonus shield + 1.

Bright defense

Flashing swing Common

1 Action, Light Attack (Power) a target and gain Shield (2).

Light of truth Rare

Special, Gain Bonus True Damage + 4 and grant a Shield (4) to other allies within 2m.

Blessed burst Epic

1 Action, Light Attack (Power + 2) enemies within 1m. Grant Shield (8) to another ally within your range.

Freedom flow

Swift splash Common

Special, Deal Water True damage (Level + 2) to enemies within 1m.

Swirling strike Rare

1 Action, Deal Water True damage (Level + 14) to a target within your range then attempt to gain Critical Chance + 5 and Bonus Shield + 2.

Whirling element Epic

1 Action, Summon Whirling Element (4 stacks) on a free tile within your range.
~ Whirling Element: At the end of your turn remove a stack to move 2m and deal Water True Damage (Level) to enemies within 1m.


Reversal surge

1 Action, Swap places with an ally within 4m. After, grant Bonus True Damage + 10 and Shield (10) to that ally. Finally, deal Water True Damage (Level + 15) to an enemy within 1m.