A wintered templar with the blessing of the blue dragon.

Role: Attacker

Uses Magical Weapons.

Uses Intelligence for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 Intelligence.

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Check Magical Equipment for Glaze Adept

Skill Tree: Ice Adept

Frost Shard (Common)

1 Action, Ice attack (Power + 3) a target within 2m. If you dealt damage, inflict Movement - 1.

Blades of Ice (Rare)

1 Action, Ice attack (Power + 3) a 3 tile-triangle with 1 tile being within 3m. Targets with a negative movement effect cannot dodge roll or block roll for this attack.

Glacial Barrage (Epic)

1 Action, Gain Advantage and Ice attack others in an 1m radius with the center tile within 4m. After, deal True Damage (Level + 3) to the same targets that are inflicted with a negative Movement effect.

Skill Tree: Blessing of Snow

Blessing of Ice (Common)

Special, Grant Ice Resistance to allies within 3m and grant Magic Armor + 4 to an ally within 3m.

Powder Snow (Rare)

1 Action, Deal Ice True Damage (Level + 6) and attempt to inflict Movement - 2 on enemies within 3m.

Snow Storm (Epic)

1 Action, Ice attack (Power + 3) up to 3 enemies within 4m. After, grant Armor + 8 to allies within 10m that have Ice Resistance.

Skill Tree: Glacial Scultures

Glacial Dash (Common)

1 Action, Move (3m) and place Glacier Wall on the tiles you left behind.
~ Glacier Wall (Impassable): Add a stack each time the wall takes Ice Damage, remove a stack each time the wall takes non ice damage.

Glacial Court (Rare)

Special, All tiles within 3m gain Glacial Court (4 stacks).
~ Glacial Court (Zone): An ally within the zone may use a stack to gain Movement + 2 and Advantage. If an enemy is damaged in this zone, the caster may use a Reaction to freely move the enemy outside of the zone, in the direction opposite of the the damage source.

Glacial Spear (Epic)

1 Action, Ice attack (Power + 2) an enemy within 5m and another enemy within 2m of the first enemy. After, attempt to inflict Icicle Crush (2 stacks) on both targets.
~ Icicle Crush: When you are hit by an Ice attack, take 6 True Damage.


Ultimate Glacier

Special, Gain Power + 5 (2 stacks) and inflict Movement - 4 (2 stacks) and Ice Weakness (2 stacks) on enemies within 4m.


Deep Freeze

Passive, Gain Critical Bonus + 2 for attacks on targets that are inflicted with a negative Movement effect.