Glaze adept

"The glace adept focuses on water attacks and impairing the enemy's movement options. As a true water magician, the glace adept embraces the power of the water divine. Understanding that life has strong ties with water, their mastery of the element is unmatched."

Tags: Control, Slow

Elements: Water

Skills of Glaze adept may be saved using Intelligence saves.


Unlocked when you've chosen 4 skills of Glaze adept.

Augment ice - Once per day for 1 hour, you can shape up to 2 cubic meter of water in an icy form of your liking.


Glacial slide

Passive, Whenever you damage a target that is inflicted with a negative Movement effect, attempt to freely move the target 1m.

Slowing snow

Frost shard Common

1 Action, Inflict Movement - 1 and Water Attack (Power + 2) a target within your range.

Powder snow Rare

Special, Target a 3 tile-triangle with two tiles being within your range. Inflict Magical armor - 5 on enemies on these tiles and attempt to inflict Movement - 1 on enemies on these tiles.

Glacial barrage Epic

1 Action, Select a tile within your range. Attempt inflict Movement - 2 on enemies within 1m of that tile. After, Water Attack (Power + 4) enemies within 1m of that tile.


Blades of ice Common

1 Action, Water Attack (Power) a two-tile line, with one tile being in your range. After, gain Critical chance + 10 if you dealt damage to a target with a negative Movement effect.

Icebringer Rare

Special, Gain Movement + 2 and Icebringer (3 stacks).
~ Icebringer: Use a stack to inflict Water Weakness on an enemy within 1m. If that enemy has a negative movement effect, you may also move it 2m.

Crushing snowfall Epic

1 Action, Target a 2m radius with the center tile within your range. Inflict Crushing snow on enemies within this radius and Water Attack (Power) them.
~ Crushing snow: If you start your turn with a negative movement effect, lose 1 Reaction.


Glacial sculpture

Special, Place a Glacial sculpture (4 stacks) on a free tile within 5m.
~ Glacial sculpture: When an enemy within 4m moves outside of their turn, the caster may use a stack to move them to the glacial sculpture and inflict it with Movement - 2 and deal Water True damage (Level + 3).