A warrior all about swift brutality.

Skills of Slayer may be saved using Strength saves.

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Passive, At the start of an Attack, gain Critical Chance + 2 for each reduced battle stat of your target (Stacks up to Critical Chance + 10). If you have more than one target, you may pick the target with the most reduced battle stats.

Skill Tree: Running Terror

Charge (Common)

1 Action, Move (half Movement) and Attack (Power + 2) a target within 1m. If you dealt damage, attempt to inflict Movement - 1.

Startling kick (Rare)

Special, Inflict Dodge Chance - 10 (2 stacks) on a target within 1m and attempt to inflict Physical Armor - 3 (2 stacks). After, freely move (2m).

Running swipe (Epic)

1 Action, Gain Movement + 2, Move and deal True Damage (Level + 10) to up to two different targets within 1m and attempt to inflict them with Magical Armor - 5.

Skill Tree: Art of Execution

Adrenaline rush (Common)

Special, Grant Critical Chance + 5 to other allies within 3m and attempt to inflict Critical Chance - 10 on enemies within 1m. After gain Power + 1 for each target you have targeted with this skill (Stacks up to Power + 5).

Dark side of the moon (Rare)

1 Action, Move (2m) and Attack (Power + 4) a target within 1m. If you dealt damage, attempt to inflict Critical Mark (4 stacks). On save, Critical Mark (2 stacks) instead. inflict After, freely move to an adjacent free tile of the target.
~ Critical Mark: When you are attacked, the attacker gains Critical Chance + 10.

Heart thrust (Epic)

1 Action, Move (half Movement) and inflict the target with Critical Bonus - 3 and Block Bonus - 3. After, True Attack a target within 1m.


Whirlwind spin

1 Action, Move (2m), Attack all within 1m and then Move (2m). Finally, gain Critical Bonus + 10 and Attack all within 1m.