An agile undead specialized in blood-magic.

Role: Defender

Uses Melee Weapons.

Uses END for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 END.

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Skill Tree: Blood bender

Frozen Blood (Uncommon)

1 Action, Ice attack (Power + 2) a target. If you dealt damage, attempt to inflict Dodge Chance - 10 (2 stacks). On save, inflict Dodge Chance - 10.

Hot-blooded (Rare)

1 Action, Fire attack (Power + 6) a target. If you dealt damage, attempt to inflict Hot-blooded (2 stacks). On save, inflict Hot-blooded. ~ Hot-blooded: Your attack has Critical Chance - 50 if you do not target the caster.

Drain (Epic)

1 Action, Heal (Level + 5) yourself. After, deal True Damage (END + 10) and inflict Special - 1 on enemies within 1m.

Skill Tree: Bane

Dread (Uncommon)

Special, Attempt to inflict Dread (2 stacks) on a target within 2m. On save, inflict Dread. ~ Dread: Next attack must damage the caster, or you are inflicted with Armor - 3.

Bone thorns (Rare)

1 Action, Gain Death-plating (4 stacks). ~ Death-plating: On a successful block roll, deal True Damage (Level + 6) to the attacker.

Death's calling (Epic)

1 Action, Freely move (4m) and attack (Power + 6) a target within 1m. If you dealt damage, inflict Movement - 2 and Power - 6.

Skill Tree: Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers (Uncommon)

Special, Gain Iron Blood Aura (2 stacks). ~ Iron Blood Aura: When an ally within 3m is dealt physical or magical damage, give it Armor + 3.

Blood Protection (Rare)

Special, Grant Dodge Chance + 10 (2 stacks) and Blood Protection (2 stacks) on allies within 3m. ~ Blood Protection: After you are damaged, move the attacker 1m to the caster.

Blood Gate (Epic)

Reaction, Right before the rolls of an attack, switch places with an ally within 5m and gain Block Bonus + 5.


A Shimmer of the Past

Special, Gain a Shield (Level + 25), Past Powers (5 stacks) and one Shimmer. ~ Shimmer (max 3): Gain Power + 5. ~ Past Powers: Each time an ally within 5m loses Health gain one Shimmer and increase you Shield by 5. This effect is removed when your Shield is broken.


Agile Defender

Passive, Move half your Dodge Chance to Block Chance.