A chaotic soul experienced in the magic of the red dragon.

Role: Attacker

Uses Magical Weapons.

Uses INT for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 INT.

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Skill Tree: Flame Artillery

Eruption Pillar (Uncommon)

1 Action, Target a tile within 3m, Fire attack all within 1m of that tile.

Flame Snipe (Rare)

1 Action, Fire attack (Power + 7) a target from 6m to 12m.

Meteor Shower (Epic)

1 Action, Target a tile within 5m, Fire attack all within a 2m radius of the tile. After, attempt to Fire attack all a 2m radius of the tile.

Skill Tree: Firedancer

Dance of Fire (Uncommon)

1 Action, Deal 5 Fire True Damage to enemies within 3m and attempt to inflict Fire Weakness.

Lava Pit (Rare)

1 Action, Create Lava Pit (4 stacks) in a 2m radius with the center within 4m. ~ Lava Pit (Zone): Spent a stack each time a target enters this zone to Fire True Damage (Level + 7) to that target.

Blessing of the Flame (Epic)

Special, Grant Fire Resistance (2 stacks) on allies within 3m and inflict Fire Weakness (2 stacks) on 2 targets within 5m.

Skill Tree: Breath of the Dragon

Dragon's Pillars (Uncommon)

Special, Select 3 tiles within 1m to create Dragon Pillars (2 stacks). ~ Dragon's Pillars (Zone): Spent a stack each time a target enters this zone to Fire True Damage (Level + 5) to that target.

Fiery Wings (Rare)

Special, Gain Movement + 1 (2 stacks) and Wings of Fire (2 stacks). ~ Wings of Fire: After moving a tile, you may use one stack to deal Fire True Damage (Level + 4) to others within 1m.

Transform: Fire Dragon (Epic)

Special, Gain Fire Dragon (3 stacks). ~ Fire Dragon: Gain Power + 6, Fire Resistance and set attack range to 3m. Effect ends with either sub effect is used up.


Mega Inferno

1 Action, Gain Inferno (2 stacks). Can be used in between turns by using a Reaction. ~ Inferno: Use a reaction to select a tile within 8m, Fire attack (Power + 3) all within 2m of that tile.



Passive, The targets of your skills are also inflicted with Wildfire. ~ Wildfire: At the end of your next action, take 3 True Damage if you did not move at least 1 tile since you got this effect.