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As an extension of core stats, abilities are used for more specific expertises. Abilities are mainly used to see if an action is successful or not (for example: finding a specific person in a crowded tavern). Each core stat helps the legend improve in one of three abilities.

Strength abilities

  • Athletics - complex climbing, jumping or swimming and longer durations of running.
  • Overpower - overpowering another using overt threats, hostile actions, and physical violence.
  • Handicraft - efficiently creating or altering physical objects.

Intelligence abilities

  • Civilization - knowledge of a lands’ history, language, culture, deities and inventions.
  • Magic - knowledge of the inner workings of magical spells, beings and items.
  • Nature - knowledge of all life in flora and fauna and how to preserve it with medicine.

Endurance abilities

  • Perseverance - maintaining a level of competence physically and emotionally in tough environments.
  • Fortitude - determines the harm done by physical hazards like traps, torture, poisons and more.
  • Concentration - determines the harm done by magical hazards like magical traps, mind controlling magic and more.

Agility abilities

  • Acrobatics - complex stunts like dives, rolls, somersaults, and flips.
  • Nimbleness - reaction time and stealthy actions to remain unseen.
  • Trickery - devious actions like lockpicking, stealing, and sleight of hand actions.

Sensory abilities

  • Awareness - passive awareness of your surroundings, used to get an overall picture of a situation.
  • Clue finding - spotting specific details of certain objects or areas.
  • Empathy - increase the understanding of another based on social interaction and body language.

Luck abilities

  • Comfort - communicate pleasantly and gain the benefit of the doubt over strangers.
  • Entertainment - delight an audience with any form of entertainment.
  • Fortune - while it may not be a direct expertise, the hands of fate may just tend to act in your favor.

Ability scores

All abilities start on zero and can be increased by using:

  • Ability points - on level 1, the legend gets six ability points to increase an ability of choice by one.
  • Core stats - each point in a core stat can also be spent on an associated ability of choice. This means that a point in endurance also increases either survival, fortitude or concentration by one.

Using an ability

A player can act on his/her own. To do something, the storyteller might ask an ability roll from the player. This can come up in any situation, like in battle (possibly at the cost of actions) or in a busy tavern. Depending on the specific action that the player wants to do, the storyteller will decide the appropriate ability. An ability roll consists of rolling a d20 and adding that to the ability score of the specific ability to get a result.

Determining success

Ability rolls can be used in two ways: either the storyteller decides a fixed difficulty for the roll or there will be another ability roll involved, highest wins. Fixed difficulty This list is a general way to view ability difficulties. On a difficulty of 6 the result of the ability roll has to be 6 or higher.

  • 5: Very easy - Notice something that is right in plain sight (cluefinding).
  • 10: Easy - Let a drunk fess up a rumor (negotiation).
  • 15: Medium - Sabotage a wheel from a wagon so it will break when it is used the next time (wreck).
  • 20: Hard - Open a quality lock quickly using but a few lockpicks (trickery).
  • 25: Very hard - Leap across a 6 metre Chasm (athletics).
  • 30: Nearly Impossible - Track a squad of orcs across hard ground after 48 hours of constant rainfall (cluefinding).

Ability roll vs. ability roll

Competition ability rolls are not using the fixed difficulties, instead, you will compete against another ability roll. The highest total (using ability score + d20 roll) wins. On ties, the highest ability score wins. If those are also tied, the Storyteller can pick based on the situation.

  • Pickpocket (trickery), notice of being pickpocketed (awareness)
  • Grappling someone (overpower), squeezing out of a strangle (nimbleness)
  • Amazing dance-off or sing-off in a crowded tavern (entertainment vs entertainment)
  • Interrogating a target (observation), concealing a lie (negotiation)
  • Arm-wrestling contest (overpower vs overpower)
  • Catch the wedding bouquet (nimbleness vs nimbleness)