A ninja specialized in the arts of shadow, nimble fighting and dealing dark damage.

Role: Damage Dealer


Physical Weapons

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Skill Tree: Shadow Magic

Shadow Shuriken (Uncommon)

Deal Dark True Damage (INT + 14) in 5m, passes through targets. Able to hit multiple targets and can be Charged. ~ Charged: Double Skill Range and Action cost. Additionally, increase the Dark True Damage by 5.

Night Slash (Rare)

Deal Dark True Damage (INT + 15) to 2 targets within 3m. This skill can be Dodged and can Crit.

Substitute (Epic)

When attacked you may Warp 1m before taking damage. Does not work on Ultimate Skills.

Skill Tree: Shadow Traits

Shadow Swap (Uncommon)

In your own turn or between turns, attempt to Shadow Swap (INT Save: Level + 8) with a target within 3m. ~ Shadow Swap: Swap location with the caster.

Dark Aura (Rare)

Grant Dark Aura on a target within 1m for 3 Attacks. ~ Dark Aura: For each Attack roll 1d6: 1-2= Slowed, 3-4= Snared, 5-6= Blinded. Attempt to inflict the result (END Save: Level + 10) for 2 Actions.

Shadow Stop (Epic)

Attempt to inflict Shadow Stop (Save: vs INT) on a target within 4m and yourself for 4 Actions. On Save, inflict Shadow Stop on the target and yourself for 2 Actions instead. You may remove Shadow Stop on you and the target by using a Reaction. ~ Shadow Stop: You have 1 Movement, 0 Dodge Chance, 0 Physical Block Chance and 0 Magical Block.

Skill Tree: Arts of the Shadows

Shadow Dragon (Uncommon)

Move while able to pass through targets, dealing Dark True Damage (INT + 5) to all you pass through and end on a free tile. Inflict Mark of the Black Dragon on the last target damaged for 3 Hits from you. ~ Mark of the Black Dragon: You cannot Dodge attacks and skills from the caster.

Assassinate (Rare)

Gain 15 Critical Chance and Attack (Power + 4) a target within 3m. If the target has Mark of the Black Dragon gain 15 Critical Chance more. The Mark of the Black Dragon decays after this skill.

Dancing Blade (Epic)

Move (3m), Attack a target twice and Move (3m). Gain 20 Critical Chance for this Attack if the target has Mark of the Black Dragon. The Mark of the Black Dragon decays after this skill.


Okuri Okami

Gain Okuri Okami for 6 Actions. ~ Okuri Okami: Gain 2 Movement, 6 Power and Dark Affinity. When using a Rare Cooldown, place it on 1 instead of 2, When using an Epic Cooldown, place it on 2 instead of 3.


Shadow Adapt

Each Critical Strike inflicts Shadow Mark on a target for 1 Attack. ~ Shadow Mark: Take 3 True Damage if a Dark Attack hits you.