A frosty warrior of the tundra specialized in drawing aggression and is able to endure multiple hits.

Role: Tank


Melee Weapons

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Skill Tree: Reign of Ice

Cold Zone (Uncommon)

Gain Cold Zone for 4 Actions and gain 3 Physical Armor for 3 Hits. ~ Cold Zone: If an enemy adjacent to you wants to move away from you, the first tile costs 2 Movement instead of 1.

Winds of Frost (Rare)

Pull enemies within 3m towards you on free tiles. After, attempt to inflict Snared (END Save: Level + 10) on enemies within 1m for 2 Actions. On Save, inflict Snared for 1 Action instead.

Subzero (Epic)

Deal Ice True Damage (END*2 + 10) attempt to inflict Stunned (END Save: Level + 10) on enemies within 1m.

Skill Tree: Striking Force

Frost Strike (Uncommon)

Ice Attack (Power + 5) a target.

Shatter Ice (Rare)

Ice Attack (Power + 7) a target within 4m. Gain 4 Power for this Attack if your target is Stunned or Snared.

Glacial Charge (Epic)

Move (3m) while leaving a Barricade of Ice until your next turn. After, Ice Attack (Power + 8) a target. ~ Barricade of Ice: Indestructible and impassable wall.

Skill Tree: Way of Endurance

Threatening Howl (Uncommon)

Move (2m). After, attempt to inflict Taunted (INT Save: Level + 10) on a target within 1m for 2 Actions. On Save, inflict Taunted for 1 Action instead.

Frostguard (Rare)

Gain Frostguard for 4 Hits. ~ Frostguard: Gain a Shield (Level + 14).

Ice Sanctuary (Epic)

Move (2m), After grant Frostshield to allies within 2m for 3 Hits. ~ Frostshield: Gain a Shield (Level + 14). The caster gains 10 Critical Chance each time this shield is damaged (this effect can stack).


Avatar of Frost

Gain Avatar of Frost for 4 Actions. ~ Avatar of Frost: Increase to 3-tile size and Heal (Level + 20). Additionally, Immunity to Ice and your passive has a 2m range instead of 1m.


Cold Aura

Allies within 1m gain 2 Armor. Additionally, each time an ally within 1m is attacked you gain a Frost Stack (Max 10). ~ Frost Stack: Gain a Shield (2).