A shining shielder with the blessing of the white dragon.

Role: Defender

Uses Physical Weapons.

Uses END for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 END.

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Skill Tree: Divine Guardian

Incoming Savior (Uncommon)

Reaction, When an ally within 2m is attacked, move adjacent to that ally and try to block the attack instead of the ally. If you succeed the block roll, reduce the damage to your ally by your Block Bonus.

Divine Barrier (Rare)

1 Action, Gain Divine Shield (3 stacks) and Heal (Level + 5) a target within 1m. ~ Divine Shield: Attackers deal 6 less damage against you.

Divine Ascension (Epic)

1 Action, Freely move (3m) and attempt to inflict Divine Ascension (2 stacks) on enemies within 2m. On save, inflict Divine Ascension.

Skill Tree: Illuminator

Sacred Hammers (Uncommon)

1 Action, Light Attack (Power + 5) a target within 1m.

Crusader's Zeal (Rare)

1 Action, Light Attack (Power + 5) a target within 3m and gain Block Chance + 20.

Armor Breaker (Epic)

Special, Deal Light True Damage (Level + 5) and inflict Armor - 4 (2 stacks) on enemies within 3m.

Skill Tree: Hand of God

Goddess Relic (Uncommon)

1 Action, Deal True Damage (Level + 3) on an enemy within 2m and Heal (Level + 3) an ally within 2m.

Healing Charge (Rare)

1 Action, Move while you Heal (Level + 8) up to two other allies within 1m.

Sacred Judgement (Epic)

1 Action, Grant Armor + 5 (2 stacks) to allies within 4m and inflict Power - 5 (2 stacks) on enemies within 4m.


Divine Avatar

Special, Gain Divine Avatar (3 stacks) and inflict Divine Taunt on three enemies enemy within 5m. ~ Divine Avatar: Damage you take is halved. ~ Divine Taunt: You next attack has to target the caster.


Crusaders Will

Passive, On a successful block roll, Heal (4) another ally within 2m.