A hunter proficient in the dragon arts to deal both Light and Dark damage.

Role: Damage Dealer


Melee Weapons

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Skill Tree: Dragoon Mastery

Lance Swipe (Uncommon)

Gain Lance Swipe for 1 Attack. ~ Lance Swipe: Your Attack may hit another target adjacent to your first target.

From the Skies (Rare)

Warp 4m and gain 15 Critical Chance and Attack (Power + 3) a target. At the end of your turn, Warp back to the location where you used this skill.

High Jump (Epic)

Gain High Jump until the end of the round and end your turn. ~ High Jump: You avoid all Attacks and Skills with a range of 1m. At the end of the round, Attack (Power + 3) a target within 3m and land on an adjacent tile.

Skill Tree: Arts of the Black Dragon

Thrust of Darkness (Uncommon)

Gain 3 Critical Bonus and Dark Attack (Power + 2) the first target within 2m.

Shadow Fang (Rare)

Remove a Common Debuff and deal Dark True Damage (10 + INT) on a target within 3m.

Dark Spiral (Epic)

Dark Spin Attack (Power + 4) others within 2m. Choose 1 target to inflict Knocked Back 3m and attempt to inflict Knocked Over (STR Save: Level + 12) on it.

Skill Tree: Arts of the White Dragon

Piercing Lance (Uncommon)

Light Attack (Power + 2) a target and attempt to inflict Armor -2 (END Save: Level + 8) for the next 2 hits on the target.

Charging Avatar (Rare)

Warp to a target within 4m and gain Charging Avatar until your next turn. ~ Charging Avatar: At the end of the round, Light AttackĀ (Power + 5) a target.

Purging Javelins (Epic)

Gain 2 Purging Javelins Stacks (Max 4). ~ Purging Javelin Stack: You may use 1 Stack and a Reaction to deal Light True Damage (STR + 8) and attempt to remove all Dodge Attempts (AGI Save: Level + 10) on a target within 4m.


Meteor Crash

Gain Meteor Crash and end your turn. ~ Meteor Crash: Leave the battlefield. At the start of your next turn come back, target a 2m radius with the center within 6m and deal True Damage (STR + 20) in that radius. After, land on a free tile in that radius.


Dawn to dusk

After each Light Attack, the next Dark Attack has 6 Critical Chance. After each Dark Attack, the next Light Attack has 4 Critical Bonus.