A monk specialized in the power of ancient animal spirits bear, turtle and tiger.

Role: Tank


Melee Weapons

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Skill Tree: Bear's might

Aspect of the Bear (Uncommon)

Move (Movement + 2) and gain Aspect of the Bear for 2 Attacks. ~ Aspect of the Bear: Attacks you make also attempt to inflict Stunned (STR Save: Level + 10).

Mother's Instinct (Rare)

Move (2m). After, Attack (Power + 5) and attempt to inflict Knocked Over (AGI Save: Level + 10) on a target. Finally, allies within 1m gain 2 Armor for 2 Hits.

Taunting Roar (Epic)

Attempt to inflict Taunted (INT Save: Level + 10) on enemies within 3m for 2 Actions. On Save, the target takes True Damage (STR + 15) instead.

Skill Tree: Turtle's Shell

Aspect of the Turtle (Uncommon)

Move (Movement - 2), attempt to inflict Taunted (END Save: Level + 10) for 1 Action and gain Aspect of the Turtle for 2 Block Rolls. ~ Aspect of the Turtle: Gain 15 Block Chance and 2 Block Bonus.

Spiked Shell (Rare)

Deal True Damage (END + 12) and attempt to inflict Snared (AGI Save: Level + 10) on others within 1m for 2 Actions. On Save, inflict Snared for 1 Action instead.

Shattering Barrier (Epic)

Gain Turtle's Shell until your next turn. ~ Turtle's Shell: Gain a Shield (END + 18). If you still have the Shield after duration attempt to inflict Armor -5 (LUC Save: Level + 10) on enemies within 3m for 2 hits. On Save, inflict Armor -5 for 1 Hit instead.

Skill Tree: Tiger's Wrath

Aspect of the Tiger (Uncommon)

Move and gain Aspect of the Tiger for 4 Actions. ~ Aspect of the Tiger: Gain 15 Critical Chance.

Playful Kitty (Rare)

Move and you may land on a tile of another target. After, Attack (Power + 5) and inflict Pushed Back 1m on the target in any direction.

Wounded Prey (Epic)

Deal True Damage (Level + 10) and inflict Wounded on a target until your next turn. ~ Wounded: Take True Damage (Level + 4) when you use a Special, make a Dodge Roll or make a Block Roll.


Animal Spirit

Move (7m). After, inflict Knocked Over on enemies within 2m and gain Wings of the Eagle for 4 Actions. ~ Wings of the Eagle: Gain 2 Movement, all negative Status Effects that target you are inflicted to the caster instead.


Chameleon's variety

Gain a Beast-shaper Stack (Max 5) each time you gain Aspect of the Bear, Aspect of the Turtle or Aspect of the Tiger. Lose all stacks if you succeed a Dodge Roll. ~ Beast-shaper Stack: Gain 5 Dodge Chance.