An enlightened soul specialized in maintaining focus and assisting their team with supportive magic.

Role: Support


Ranged Weapons

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Skill Tree: Senses

Danger Sense (Uncommon)

GrantĀ 1 Dodge and +3 on the next Saving Roll on an ally within 7m.

Weak Spot (Rare)

Attempt to inflict Weak Spot (SEN Save: Level + 10) on a target within 7m for 6 Hits. 2 rounds. On Save, inflict Weak Spot for 3 Hits instead. ~ Weak Spot: Critical Bonus against you is doubled.

Perfect Strike (Epic)

Grant Perfect Strike to an ally within 7m for 4 Actions. ~ Perfect Strike: Attacks you make cannot be Dodged and Save Height on Skills are increased by 2.

Skill Tree: Assistance

Restore Health (Uncommon)

Heal (Level + 14) a target within 7m. You may attempt a Critical Roll for this Heal. If you succeed, add your Critical Bonus to the Healing.

Preparation (Rare)

Grant 15 Critical Chance and Prepared on yourself and a target within 7m for 2 Actions. ~ Prepared: After using either an Uncommon, Rare or Epic Class Cooldown, reduce it by 1.

Resonating Beam (Epic)

Attack (Power + 7) and inflict 1 Weakness of choice on a target within 7m for 2 Hits.

Skill Tree: Determination

Force of Will (Uncommon)

Grant Willpower to a target within 7m for 2 Actions. ~ Willpower: GainĀ 4 Power and 4 Bonus Heal.

Tunnel Vision (Rare)

Attempt to inflict Tunnel Vision (SEN Save: Level + 10) on a target within 7m for 2 Actions. On Save, inflict Tunnel Vision for 1 Action instead. ~ Tunnel Vision: You Attacks and Skills must have the same target as your most recent target.

We can do This! (Epic)

Grant 4 Determination Stacks to allies within 3m. ~ Determination Stack: Gain an Advantage on Dice Rolls.



Attempt to grant Hero (SEN Save: Level + 12) on another ally within 7m for 2 turns. On a failed Save, grant Hero on a random ally (excluding yourself) within 7m instead. ~ Hero: At the start of your turn, gain an additional Action and reduce an additional Class Cooldown of choice by 1. Additionally, gain 10 Critical Chance and 10 Dodge Chance.


Guiding Mind

Once per round, when an ally within 1m has to make any Saving Roll, you may make a SEN Saving Roll. Your ally may use the highest result for the Save.