With intense training on remote mountain tops, the Glaze Adept is a bringer of Frost specialized in mid range combat using Ice Magic.

Role: Damage Dealer


Magical Weapons

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Skill Tree: Ice Adept

Frost Shard (Uncommon)

Ice Attack a target within 2m and attempt to inflict Snared (END Save: Level + 8) for 1 Action.

Blades of Ice (Rare)

Ice Attack a 3 tile-triangle with 1 tile being within 3m. Targets inflicted with Slowed or Snared cannot Dodge or Block this Attack.

Glacial Barrage (Epic)

Ice Attack all within an 1m radius with the center being within 4m. Gain 4 Power and advantage on the Critical Roll for this attack if the center of the radius is a target that is either Slowed or Snared at the moment.

Skill Tree: Blessing of Snow

Blessing of Ice (Uncommon)

Grant Ice Resistance to allies within 3m for 1 hit. After, grant 4 Magic Armor to an ally within 3m for 1 hit.

Powder Snow (Rare)

Deal Ice True Damage (INT + 5) on enemies within 3m. After attempt to inflict Slowed (END Save: Level + 12) for 1 Action on enemies within 3m.

Snow Storm (Epic)

Ice Attack (Power + 3) up to 3 enemies within 4m. Allies within 4m with Ice Resistance gain 6 Armor for 1 hit.

Skill Tree: Glacial Scultures

Glacial Dash (Uncommon)

Move (3m) while making a Glacier Wall behind you until your next turn. ~ Glacier Wall: Tiles with this effect are considered as a wall and cannot be crossed. The wall will be broken once it is dealt 25 damage. Ice Damage Heals the wall (to the max of 25).

Glacial Court (Rare)

All tiles within 4m of you gain Glacial Court until your next turn. ~ Glacial Court: Allies on the Glacial Court gain 2 Movement for their next Move, and gain advantage on their next Dodge. Enemies on Glacial Court are inflicted with Ice Push. ~ Ice Push: If you are attacked, you are inflicted with Pushed Back until you are outside of Glacial Court. Ranged attacks just push you to over the nearest edge of Glacial Court, while melee attack may change the angle, chosen by the attacker.

Glacial Spear (Epic)

Ice Attack a target within 5m and another target adjacent to that target. After, attempt to inflict Icicle Crush on both targets for 2 hits. ~ Icicle Crush: Ice Attacks also inflict deal 6 True Damage.


Ultimate Glacier

Inflict Greater Snared on enemies within 3m for 1 Action. After, inflict Ice Weakness for 2 hits on enemies with either Slowed and Snared within 5m.


Deep Freeze

Gain 2 Power and 2 Critical Bonus when Attacking target that are inflicted with either Slowed, Snared or Ice Weakness.