A scientist and a winder of time itself.

Skills of Timewinder may be saved using Luck saves.

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Telling time

Passive, When you succeed a dodge roll, you may move an additional tile and gain 1 Reaction.

Skill Tree: Fourth dimension

Aftermath (Common)

1 Action, Attack (Power + 2) a target and attempt to inflict Aftermath.
~ Aftermath: If you are next to the caster at the start of the caster's turn, you are inflicted with Power - 6.

Phase dive (Rare)

1 Action, Freely move, and deal True Damage (Level + 12) to a target within 1m. After gain Phase dive (keep track of your original position).
~ Phase dive: At the beginning of your turn you may freely move back to your original position.

Counter balance (Epic)

Reaction, When you are targeted by an enemy within your movement, gain a Shield (Level + 10) and you may move freely to an adjacent tile of the target.

Skill Tree: Fate

Determined (Common)

Special, Choose a target within 3m and gain Determined for this target.
~ Determined: Whenever you are attacked by the chosen target you may freely move to an adjacent tile of that target and gain Dodge Chance + 10.

Rewind (Rare)

1 Action, Gain Rewind (4 stacks).
~ Rewind (2m aura): Allies within this aura may use a stack to gain either a Reaction or a Special.

Glorious fate (Epic)

1 Action, Grant Glorious fate to allies within 3m.
~ Glorious fate: Gain a Shield (Level + 10). At the start of your turn, you may remove this shield to gain Power + 5.



Special, Gain Timebend (4 stacks) and grant Power + 8 to allies within 3m.
~ Timebend (3m aura): Allies within this aura may use a stack to gain Reaction + 2.