A tamer of souls and a potent source of hexing spells.

Skills of Soulbinder may be saved using Agility saves.

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Soul chase

Passive, After an enemy that was adjacent to you moves, you may use a Reaction to move 1m.

Skill Tree: Linked Power

Soul link (Common)

Special, Inflict Magical Armor - 2 (2 stacks) on a target within 1m after attempt to grant Magical Armor + 2 (2 stacks) to allies within 1m of the target.

Closing contract (Rare)

Special, Inflict Reaction - 1 on a target within 4m then attempt to move the target 1m and gain Reaction + 1.

Speed contract (Epic)

Special, Inflict Movement - 2 and Dodge Chance - 10 on a target within 1m after attempt to grant Movement + 2 (2 stacks) and Dodge Chance + 10 to allies within 1m of the target.

Skill Tree: Flame Binding

Burning soul (Common)

1 Action, Fire Attack (Power + 3) a target within 1m. If you dealt damage, attempt to inflict Soulburn.
~ Soulburn: Whenever you move more than 1m you take Fire True Damage (Level)

Flaming feet (Rare)

1 Action, Fire Attack (Power + 5) a target within 1m and attempt to inflict knocked back 2m. After, freely move to an adjacent tile of the enemy.

Flaming Terror (Epic)

1 Action, Deal Fire True damage (Level + 10) to a target within your range and attempt to inflict Terror (2 stacks). On save inflict Terror instead.
~ Terror: At the start of your turn you are inflicted with Special - 1 and move 1m away from the caster.


Bound realm

Special, Inflict all tiles within 3m with Bound Realm (3 stacks).
~ Bound Realm (Zone): As long as the caster is within this zone, enemies can't leave this zone. Whenever the caster takes damage remove 1 stack.