A twisted medic able to destroy from the inside out.

Role: Attacker

Uses Magical Weapons.

Uses Intelligence for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 Intelligence.

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Check Magical Equipment for Plague Hunter

Skill Tree: Spread

Infected Barb (Common)

1 Action, Attack (Power + 2). If you dealt damage, inflict Infected Barb (3 stacks).
~ Infected Barb: At the start of your turn, you are inflicted with one Plague (see 'Infection' for details). This effect can be removed by using one Action.

Plague zone (Rare)

1 Action, Attempt to inflict Vulnerability on enemies within 4m for 4 Actions.
~ Vulnerability: When you are inflicted with Plague, you are inflicted with Plague (2 stacks) instead.

Hazard Rush (Epic)

1 Action, Move (2m) while inflicting one Plague (see 'Infection' for details) on enemies within 2m. After, attack (Power + 8) a target.

Skill Tree: Symptoms

Rotting Will (Common)

1 Action, Attack (Power + 3). If you dealt damage, attempt to inflict Mind Rot (2 stacks).
~ Mind Rot: Magical Armor - X. X is the amount of Plague that is currently inflicted on you.

Clouded Mind (Rare)

Reaction, Use when an enemy attacks you to gain a Reaction, Dodge Chance + 5 per Plague on the attacker and gain Advantage.

Weakened Body (Epic)

Special, Attempt to inflict Weakened Body (4 stacks) on a target within 5m. On Save, inflict Weakened Body (2 stacks).
~ Weakened Body: Attackers gain Critical Chance + 2 and Critical Bonus + 2 per Plague that is currently inflicted on you when they attack you.

Skill Tree: Fatality

Power of the Plague (Common)

Special, Gain Hunting (3 stacks).
~ Hunting: Gain Critical Bonus + 4 for an attack if your target has at least one Plague.

Consume (Rare)

1 Action, Attack (Power + X) a target within 5m. X is 3 per Plague on the target. After, remove all Plague from the target.

Brain Damage (Epic)

1 Action, Attack (Power + 7) and inflict one Plague (see 'Infection' for details) on a target. After, attempt to inflict Confusion (2 stacks). On save, inflict Confusion.
~ Confusion: Your next action must be an attack, targeting a random target within half movement, this includes yourself.


Plague Storm

1 Action, Inflict four Plague (see 'Infection' for details) on a target within 5m. After, deal True Damage (Level + 25) on enemies within 4m from that target.



Passive, Inflict one Plague on your target when you Attack it and deal damage.
~ Plague (Max 4): At the end of your turn, remove one Plague and take 1 True Damage per Plague that is still inflicted on you.