We still need to add:

  • Chapters to help new Storytellers.
  • Enemy and monster creation guide.
  • Add a list of items / artifacts / trinkets.
  • Add artifact options to Legend Builder (or something else to add offset’s in stats).

We finished:

  • Ability system (Talents Reworked).
  • Rebalancing the Core Stats and Battle Stats.
  • Sheet Designs.
  • The Battle System with over 35 unique classes.
  • A flexible and wide variety of Equipment and Artifacts.

We would like to add (after version 1):

  • Companions (Mounts / Pets / Familiars).
  • Add a system for different races
  • Add a Boost system (system for cool and over the top character moments).
  • Add a Crafting System to craft key items (not equipment).
  • Add more Artifacts to the excisting list.
  • Add more Trinkets to the excisting list.
  • Add Tricks (Special things a legend can learn based on story, backstory, class and more).


0.15 Giant multiclass update (16-07-2020)

  • Redone around half of the classes for a new multiclassing system.
  • Tweaked core stat calculations (removed flat 10% of chances) to go along with the class changes.
  • Tweaked equipment (removed unused items and removed primary critical bonus and block bonus items) to go along with the class changes.
  • Redone leveling system, legends do not get 4 freeby skills on level 1, instead they get 6 class points (and 3 for each level after level 1). See Level for specifics.

0.14 Digital cooldowns (11-04-2020)

  • Added digital cooldowns on /digital-cooldowns.

0.13 Redone legend sheets, redone formulas (12-02-2020)

  • Completely redesigned all the sheets
  • Adjusted the battle stat formulas to make more sense.
  • added a freeby ability point per level to allow for more abilities in total.
  • Remove Dodge attempts in cooldowns.
  • Added a second reaction, now also used for dodge and/block rolls.
  • Added a second special.
  • Dodge rolls now require two reactions instead of one.
  • Added perfect critical / dodge / block.

0.12 Monster Sheets, Revenant rework en preperations (04-05-2019)

  • Updated Revenant class.
  • Renamed heal to shield
  • Renamed Bonus heal to Bonus shield
  • Added a Monster Maker:
    • Create a monster using the builder
    • Store it as url for later use
    • Export it to a monster sheet and bring it to the table!
  • Several small tweaks and clarifications in preperation for version 1.0

0.11 Ether mechanic and rewrites! (28-02-2019)

  • Added Ether mechanic.
  • Re-written Learn Late Legends and Create a Legend sections of the site.
  • Several tweaks under the hood to improve the speed of the site.

0.10 Late Legends got a rework! (27-12-2018)

  • A brand new ruleset!!!
  • A full rework on all the Classes.
  • Brand new sheets.
  • Disabled most of the site (will be added later).

0.9.1 New Classes! (29-09-2018)

  • Several tweaks and updates to the classes.
  • Reworked Analyser into Saboteur.
  • Added Glaze Adept.

0.9 Abilities! (27-12-2017)

  • Added a second Sheet dedicated to Legend Details and Inventory.
  • Introduced a new Ability System (was Tricks & Talents).
  • Updated the Legend Sheet with Abilities.

0.8 Powerups and rewrites! (05-12-2017)

  • Clarified Class Skills in duration, target and effects.
  • Increase the overall power of Class Skills.
  • Design update on the Sheets.

0.7.7 Balance tweaks: Welcome back Tanks! (22-11-2017)

  • Added Lightrunner artwork.
  • Legends now get 50 flat Max Health instead of 20.
  • Endurance now gives 10 Max Health instead of 5.
  • Offhand “Other Battle Stat Bonuses” are increased (x3 instead of x2)
  • Armors have a flat of 5 armor instead of 4.
  • Power on weapons is decreased by 1, (2 for two-handed weapons).

0.7.6 Giant Classes update 2! (15-11-2017)

  • Added Puppetmaster (former Master of Cats and Sly-sword)
  • Added Blackguard
  • Added Analyser
  • Added Soul Reaper
  • Added Rune Knight (former Arcan and Runeblade)
  • Added Puppetmaster and Blackguard artwork.

0.7.5 Giant Classes update! (13-11-2017)

  • Added Druid, Crusader, Soul of Balance and Gladiator Artwork.
  • Redesigned Class Sheet and Legend Sheet.
  • Class tweaks based on 6-11-2017 testplays.
  • Added Lightrunner (removed Spellslinger and Disciple).
  • Reworked Necromancer (removed Demonologist).
  • Removed Sly Sword & Master of Cats for something new (Coming Soon!).
  • Added new Equipment system.
  • Greatly improved performance for the Classes page.

0.7.4 New Sheets and Bonus Heal! (04-11-2017)

  • Redesigned Legend Sheet
  • Redesigned Class Sheet.
  • Introduced Bonus Heal as a Battle Stat.
  • Updated the “Battles”, “Core Stats” and “Level Up” pages.

0.7.3 Rewritten all the Skills! (25-10-2017)

  • Rewritten every skill of every Class to fit a straightforward and clear format.
  • Combined ideas from Spellslinger and Disciple into Lightrunner.
  • Updated Greenfire Adept.
  • Updated Class Sheets.
  • Adjusted the Core Stats to Battle Stats for Physical Armor, Magical Armor and Block Bonus.
  • Added Ancient Guardian Artwork.

0.7.2 Split Aspects Artifacts & Trinkets! (17-10-2017)

  • Aspects are now split and will be updated separately
  • Added the first list of Artifacts
  • Added the first list of Trinkets
  • Updated Resistance & Weakness Rules

0.7.1 Aspects! Stuff you did, will do and more to help role-play! (11-10-2017)

  • Introduced TRAITS
  • Introduced PAST OCCUPATION
  • Introduced TALENTS & TRICKS

0.7.0 From the ground up! (2-10-2017)

  • Reworked the Core Stats
  • Reworked Level Up Scaling and updated Level up calculator
  • Added a comment to Talents (this is incompatible at the moment and scheduled for rework).
  • Added beast-shaper Artwork.

0.6.4 Beasts, Equipment and Designs! (26-09-2017)

  • Reworked the Equipment to Weapons & Armor
  • Added Redesigned Legend Sheets
  • Added Revenant and Elemental Monk Art.
  • Changed some terminology: (Main stats -> Core Stats, Secondary Stats -> Battle Stats)

0.6.3 Cut down the classes (12-09-2017)

  • Removed Classes that are not considered balanced.
  • Updated Druid, Dragoon.
  • Added Storm Paladin and Plague Hunter Art.
  • Removed Maneuvers (as they are no longer required with the new level up).

0.6.2 New Sheets (18-08-2017)

  • Added Timewinder Art.
  • Changed Class Bonus to Passive.
  • Added Social Icons.

0.6.1 One step at a time (10-08-2017)

  • Reworked Plague Hunter and Revenant.
  • Improved performance of the Level Up Calculator.
  • Updated website styling.

0.6 Back to the drawing board (Q3 of 2017)

  • Optimized Website navigation and structure.
  • Removed races, will be added later focussed on lore.
  • Removed Several Classes that are not considered playable.
  • Removed Boosting (will be reworked).
  • Removed Ultimate Cooldown, added Ultimate to the single usable (Works as a Joker card, for any skill). Ultimates will be refined based on this change.
  • Reworked the homepage.

0.5.1 Iterating (Q3 of 2017)

  • Reverted back to the Cooldowns. (Test was fine, Cooldowns are just awesome).
  • Small website fixes and typo fixes.
  • Added Classes: Crusader, Druid, and Lightrunner.

0.5 Test run (Q3 of 2017)

  • Experimented with a single Cooldown currency for skills and dodge attempts (Cost = Dodge 1, Uncommon 1, Rare 2, Epic 3, Ultimate 5).

0.4.4 Tweaking and fixing (Q2 of 2017)

  • Toned down the races, removed the flat stats.
  • Simplified the Equipment calculations.
  • Started to simplify and normalize Skills.
  • Small website fixes and typo fixes.

0.4.3 Little bit of both (Q1 of 2017)

  • Changed enchantments for side stats.
  • Reworked Equipment to have offensive and defensive equipment which scale attack or armor in ranks.
  • Toned down the enchantment slots.
  • Added new Equipment, Maneuvers, and Talents.
  • Minor Class changes and text fixes.

0.4.2 Classes overhaul (Q1 of 2017)

  • Major Class updates text fixes and added a couple new Classes.
  • Added weapon requirements to Classes.
  • Added more Maneuvers.
  • Added races with special stats.
  • Added Classes: Troubadour and Magus Sniper.
  • Small website fixes and typo fixes.

0.4.1 Balance roundabout (Q4 of of 2016)

  • Removal of equipment Rank.
  • Updated enchantments to increase the power growth.
  • Added New enchantment options.
  • Removed Old Talents.
  • Re-introduced Maneuvers and Talents.
  • Balance changes to Equipment.

0.4 Enchantments!!! (Q3 of of 2016)

  • Balanced and normalized all Equipment (removed all special effects).
  • Enchantments added with keystones on the gears.
  • Added Classes: Revenant and Arcan.

0.3 Less math means more fun? (Q3 of 2016)

  • Introduced Critical Damage, taking the place of the x1.5 calculation.
  • Introduced of Block Bonus, taking the place of the half damage done.
  • Added Maneuvers for Critical Damage and Block Bonus.
  • Large Equipment reworks and changed the dual wield calculations.
  • Added Classes: Tundra Berserker, Corsair, Clairvoyant and Stormcaster.
  • Removed Classes: Schemer and Alchemist.

0.2 Removed unneeded math, add lots o classes! (Q2 of 2016)

  • Removed Damage and Defense Modifiers.
  • Changed level up stats from 6 stat points to 3) (+2 +2 +2 to +1 +1 +1).
  • Tweaked calculations to fit the new Level Up.
  • Changed a successful Block from full damage negation to half damage done.
  • Added new Classes: Necromancer, Pyromancer, Master Of Cats, Shinigami, Master Of Arms, Plague Hunter, Green Fire Adept, Alchemist, Runeblade, Disciple, Soul Of Balance, Demonologist, Gladiator, Elemental Monk and Sly Sword.

0.1 Cooldowns and simplefications (Q1 of 2016)

  • Added Cooldowns to Skills.
  • Fixed regeneration to Ultimate Cooldown.
  • Added new Classes: Dragoon, Ancient Guardian, Storm Paladin, Timewinder and Shadow Ninja.

0.0 Initial build in 2015

  • Added new Classes: Slayer, Conjurer, Witch Doctor, Spellslinger, Samurai, Spirit Hunter, Beast-shaper, Schemer and Sun Cleric.