A magical hero aided by a trusty sidekick.

Role: Attacker

Uses Ranged Weapons.

Uses Agility for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 Agility.

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Check Ranged Equipment for Magus Sniper

Skill Tree: Magical Archery

Accurate Shot (Common)

1 Action, Inflict Dodge Chance - 15, Block Chance - 15 and attack (Power + 2) a target within 5m.

Split Shot (Rare)

1 Action, Deal True Damage (Level + 10) on three different targets within 10m.

Maximum Draw (Epic)

1 Action, Gain Critical Chance + 10 and Critical Bonus + 4 and attack (Power + 4) a target within 10m. After, deal the damage as True Damage to another target within 4m of the target.

Skill Tree: Mahou Arts

Sparkling Glitter Dust (Common)

1 Action, Shield (Level + 6) allies within 2m and attempt to inflict Disadvantage (2 stacks) on an enemy within 5m.

Sugar Sweet Candy Blast (Rare)

Special, Grant Special + 1 (2 stacks) and Range + 2 (2 stacks) on allies within 2m.

Rainbow Blast (Epic)

1 Action, Attack (Power + 5) up to three targets within 5m. If you dealt damage, inflict Movement - 3.

Skill Tree: Galaxy Magic

Orbit Orb (Common)

1 Action, Deal True Damage (Level + 10) on all that are exactly X tile(s) away from you. You may choose X: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

Starfall (Rare)

1 Action, Choose up to four targets within 5m to either Shield (Level + 10) or deal True Damage (Level + 10).

Shiny Space Shot (Epic)

1 Action, Gain Fire Affinity, Ice Affinity and Light Affinity and attack (Power + 4) up to two targets within 10m.


Warp Hole

1 Action, Inflict Warp Hole on up to two targets within 10m.
~ Warp Hole: Disappear from the battlefield and do not reappear until the turn after your next turn.


Magical Sidekick

Passive, At the start of your turn, grant Dodge Chance + 5 on allies within 1m or gain Ability Roll + 1.