A templar specialized in applying speed with white dragon arts.

Skills of Lightrunner may be saved using Agility saves.

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Passive, Once per turn, while using a Move you can grant Movement + 1 to an ally within 1m.

Skill Tree: Piercing light

Spotlight (Common)

1 Action, Grant Light Affinity to allies within 2m and Attack a target within 1m. If the Critical Roll succeeds, also grant another ally within 3m Power + 3.

Light's rush (Rare)

1 Action, Move and Attack a target within 1m. After, if you dealt damage, attempt to inflict Speedy mark on the target.
~ Speedy mark: Next attacker that deals critical damage to you also gains Dodge Chance + 10.

Counterbeam (Epic)

Reaction, Upon receiving damage, make a Critical Roll. If you succeed, half damage done and freely Move (3m). After inflict the attacker with Light Vulnerability and deal True Damage (Level + 10) to the attacker.

Skill Tree: Lightspeed assistance

Shining surge (Common)

1 Action, Freely Move (able to pass through enemies). During this Move, when you pass through a tile of an enemy, attempt to inflict that target with Light Scar.
~ Light Scar: Attackers using Light Attacks gain 20 Critical Chance when Attacking you.

Surge of light (Rare)

Special, Shield (Level + 8) allies within 1m and make a critical roll. If you succeed the critical roll, grant Dodge Chance + 15 and Light Affinity on allies within 1m.

Kinetic overload (Epic)

Special, Gain Kinetic Overload.
~ Kinetic Overload: Keep track of the amount of tiles you move. At the start of your next turn, grant either Power + X or Shield + X to allies within 2m. Where X is the amount of tiles you moved since gaining this effect.


Blink of faith

Special, Allies within 10m may freely move (3m) and grant Power + 10 to allies within 3m. After, grant Shield (Level + 10) allies that are 4m or more away from you.