A templar specialized in applying speed with white dragon arts.

Role: Supporter

Uses Melee Weapons.

Uses Agility for saves.

Default save height: Level + 10 Agility.

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Skill Tree: Gift of Life

Wish (Common)

1 Action, Shield (Level + 10) a target within 1m and make a critical roll. If you succeed the critical roll, reduce a class cooldown of choice by 1 (except Ultimate) on yourself or the target.

Lightskin (Rare)

Special, Shield (Level + 10) and grant Armor + 4 to yourself and a target within 1m.

Essence of Life (Epic)

1 Action, Move (2m), Shield (Level + 15) allies within 2m and make a critical roll. If you succeed the critical roll, grant Movement + 3 on allies within 3m.

Skill Tree: Bright Assistant

Guiding Light (Common)

1 Action, Attack (Power + 2). If you dealt damage, attempt to inflict Mark of Light (2 stacks) on a target within 1m.
~ Mark of Light: When you are targeted by a Light attack, you are inflicted with Disadvantage.

Twincast (Rare)

Reaction, When an ally within 1m uses a skill, grant either Save Height + 5, Power + 8 or Bonus Shield + 10 to that ally.

Pause of Fragility (Epic)

Special, Attempt to inflict Movement - 4 and inflict Fragility (3 stacks) on a target within 3m.
~ Stack of Fragility: Armor - 2 per stack.

Skill Tree: Light's Assassin

Shining Surge (Common)

1 Action, Move while able to pass through enemies. Inflict Light Scar (2 stacks) on enemies you passed through.
~ Light Scar: Attackers using Light Attacks gain 20 Critical Chance when Attacking you.

Light's Rush (Rare)

1 Action, Move (Movement + 2) while granting Power + 6 on allies that are within 1m.

Enlightening Stab (Epic)

1 Action, Attack (Power + 8) and inflict Light Weakness on enemies within 1m.


Blink of Faith

Special, Allies within 10m may freely move (3m) and grant Power + 10 to allies within 3m. After, grant Armor + 10 to allies that are 4m or more away from you.



Passive, Each time you move, grant Light Affinity to an ally within 1m.