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A big part of adventures is what you bring and what you get along the way. Managing all the stuff you find at any given moment is called inventory management. This includes equipment, trinkets, and all other items. There is no limit to what a legend can take with him, as long as it is believable in the context of the story (this is at the mercy of the storyteller).

Other systems might include checking stats to figure out how much you can carry. Late Legends ditches this idea because managing this kind of stuff brings the story to a halt and is not fun to do.

While it is not recommended, you still have the option to enforce some kind of inventory management. For this you can use the sheet and the following rules to set up inventory management:


Where artifacts are special skills and stat bonuses for battle, trinkets are special items for role-playing purposes. By default, each legend has five slots for trinkets. Trinkets are really used for customization, so a Storyteller can add and remove any trinket for their own story.