This chapter is specifically for Storytellers (called Dungeon Masters in other games) and how to build a story from scratch. Besides helping you create a story, this will also serve as a guide for being a great storyteller. Even a bad story can be made great by a fantastic storyteller and vice versa. Therefore it is most important that you understand some general do’s and (maybe even more important) the don’ts. Most of the things we cover in this chapter might be second-nature for experienced Storytellers, but it is still worthwhile to check it out. Late Legends is a different game after all. That said, we would like to challenge you to stay creative with your story, while we provide the needed tips and tricks in this chapter.

The role of a storyteller

A storyteller is in charge of running the story for a group of legends, either for a one-shot (a one-time sitting) or a full campaign (multiple sessions that could span years). As a storyteller, you are in charge of everything that goes around in the story, this includes the rules! That means the storyteller has a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of creative freedom.