How to create a legend

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A legend is created by your own imagination. Late Legends will use numbers and labels to give your imagination some shape on paper, allowing you to play as your legend. A legend is a fictive hero, someone you always wanted to be, or someone you absolutely hate, both options are perfectly valid to choose. The steps to create a legend are mentioned below, but keep in mind you can do them in any order.

  • Create a backstory - A legend needs a backstory, brief summary of past events, this will give the player handles to role-play the legend. Check out the Backstory tips for more info.
  • Choose a class - Late Legends has over 30 classes, and your legend can be one (to three) of them. Be sure to take a good look in all the classes that are offered and try to find the best fit for your legend. Browse the Classes.
  • Choose starting equipment - Each class has a weapon restriction, after you’ve chosen a class, you can pick suitable equipment for your legend. This will be the equipment to start off your adventure. Take a look at the Equipment list.
  • Pick starting items - Together with equipment, you’ll need some adventuring items. Be sure to add some from the backstory as well. Take a look at the Item list.
  • Pick or receive an artifact - To spice things up, the storyteller might allow a legend to start with a unique artifact! Take a look in the Artifact list.
  • Pick or receive trinket(s) - Trinkets are items with a non-battle special effect, try to imagine your own and discuss with your storyteller. For some inspiration, take a look at the Trinket list.
  • Build the legend - Got it figured out and want to get into the stats and legend building? Please use the handy Legend builder.
  • Put it on the Sheets - Once done with everything, you can put the legend on the Sheets and start playing!