Each time a Legend Levels Up, there is a new Talents and Tricks slot. The player can choose either a Talent or a Trick.


Talents are increases in Stat Rolls in specific categories. Each talent grants +2 on a Roll if it is usable for that situation. Talents help a Legend to excel at certain checks or avoid being mediocre at a specific category when they did not increase the associated Core Stat.


A Legend has a Past Occupation (stuff he/she did for a long time) and a Class (getting better and better each level). Can you come up with a creative application of all those things? If you do, then you created a Trick. Of course, this requires a lot of creativity and should be discussed with the Storyteller and the other players before blindly writing something down. Tricks can be a lot of fun when created correctly.

Here is a quick example of a trick:

A Legend with the Pyromancer Class has to power to control fire (duh) but despises fire itself. To make matters worse, conjuring fire is strictly forbidden in the society of the Legend, making things more complicated. A handy trick the Player comes up with creating a fire that is camouflaged. This does not mean it is invisible, but works wonders in a situation for the Legend, it can 'ignore' the fire while still using it (maybe to leading interesting character development later on). The trick is tweaked and balanced by the storyteller and later written down as:

"With enough effort, you could use your spells that are hard to see. This concentration cannot be kept in battles, but allow you to use stealthy fire in role-playing.Characters can still try to see the fire, which is a Sensory 16 check."

We're still working on more examples of Tricks.

Combining Talents & Tricks, here are examples:

A Legend with mainly Strength, Endurance and Sensory has gotten a strong connection to the wildlife of a jungle area. This is not at all relatable to his Past Occupation as a Construction worker. To top it off, to have extensive knowledge of the area he has no bonuses in Intelligence and would fail most of the rolls he would perform on this topic. At this point Talents & Tricks are allowing the Player to improve the Legends checks on the subject. The player spent the first three level ups on the Talent Nature Knowledge. This puts the Legend on a +6 on checks for Nature which is pretty good! Later on in the story, he applies the favorable roll and discusses a trick that allows him to alert wildlife to flee the area. With other talents like Lovable, this Legend can persuade other characters to leave the jungle area alone and keep wildlife safe when they are in danger. And the best thing is, the Player still has complete freedom on the Core Stats while doing so.

Talents & Tricks could also lead to one trick masters, check the following example:

In a story, there is a special relic that the party requires and it is this Legend's job to get it. As a Past Occupation, the Legend was an Acrobat in a Circus. The Player already banked on maxing Agility, capping out on 10 at Level 8. To top it all off, the Player learned Athletic Experience 5 times. The Legend now has a whopping +20 on Stealth rolls. Getting to this point in the story, the Player already had some ideas in place for Tricks.

Finally, Talents & Tricks could lead to jack of all trades, check the following example:

The player does not really care about Stat Rolls, she just wants to try things and will go from there. With a Past Occupation in tailoring, she can already create a wide arrange of objects using thread & needle. With Timewinder as a class, she is already good in tricks and manipulating time. From level 1 and onwards she comes up with trick after trick and gets them approved by the storyteller. Ignoring Core Stats, she creatively applies her backstory and her class into 8 distinct Tricks that are just fun to use.